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Publisher disclaims any responsibility to return unsolicited editorial, graphic or photographic material. DICK-TATION After years of working under a nightmarish and nasty old man, the office gods finally rewarded me with a promotion and a new boss, Jake. His smile immediately put me at ease-and turned me on. He motioned for me to stand beside him to look at something on the computer screen. Shocked and mortified, my first instinct was to sink to my knees and blot at the damp material, muttering apologies for my clumsiness.

I frantically wiped at the fabric, my hands rubbing along his zipper where most of the soda had landed. Jake grunted, his hips shifting in the chair. He cleared his throat and caught my wrist in his hand.

I licked my lips, my mind racing as I considered the scene before me. The opportunity was there; I just had to take it. Let me assist you. I fumbled with the button on his waistband, my fingers trembling as I tugged open his zipper. The pants fell to the floor, revealing black boxer briefs that strained to contain what appeared to be a massive erection.

Getting myself comfortable, I sat in his chair, then leaned forward and flicked out my tongue to take a taste of him. My tongue traveled along the sensitive underside of his dick, and I lapped up and down his length until he groaned loudly. I was rewarded with a shiny bead of pre-come that appeared at his cockhead. I scooped it up, savoring his salty taste. I wrapped my fingers around him at his root, marveling at how his girth made it impossible to close my hand completely. His skin was silky-soft against my palm, and I loved the way his breath hitched with every stroke I delivered.

Clutching him snugly, I spiraled my fist up and down his shaft. My eyes stayed trained on his, determined to take in every reaction, no matter how slight. Not for me. I needed more. I wanted to feel his shaft sliding along my tongue-to taste every element of his arousal. I planted a soft kiss on the tip of his dick before opening my mouth and welcoming him inside. My jaw relaxed as I eased him down my throat. I could tell he was aching to take over, to drive hard and deep until he fell over the edge.

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After months of longing, I wanted to savor him. I pulled back and took a shaky breath before running my tongue along his length once again. I kept licking and sucking, treating his dick like a decadent ice pop that satisfied my most sinful cravings. He gd and thrust forward, his fingers threading into my hair as he quickly lost control.

I reached beneath him, cupping his balls as I stroked my thumb over the sensitive skin of his sac. I swallowed his shaft as deeply as I could. Jake thrust hard again, his fingers digging into my scalp as he shot his hot come across my tongue. I took all he had to give, relishing every burst of cream and every exclamation of bliss.

I took a couple of breaths, trying to regain my composure. I was desperate for my own release.

with you

My cunt throbbed as I struggled to stand. Jake reached out to help me, and I took his hand in mine. After pulling me up, he immediately set to work on the buttons of my shirt. He quickly revealed my breasts, which were barely contained by a silky, cream-colored bra. I held his head close to my chest as Jake nibbled and kissed his way along the delicate lace trim of my lingerie.

Heat spread across my torso as his hands caressed the waistband of my skirt, tugging my shirt free and tossing it over his shoulder. When he realized that my nipples were visible through the filmy material, his 6 Penthouse Letters mouth closed around one.

His tongue swirled around the stiff bud before taking a little bite and making me squeal. I gripped at his shirt, pulling him closer to me as I desperately rubbed my pussy against his leg.

He lifted me, placing my ass on the desk and easing me onto my back. Jake pushed apart my thighs, sending fiery sensations straight to my core. His large hands slid up my legs, raising the hem of my skirt.

I wiggled my ass against the cool surface of the desk, desperately trying to force the garment higher. Jake laughed, sending a burst of hot air across my chest. After dropping my bra on the floor he took an infuriating step back, grinning as he took in the sight of me spread out before him.

Two could play at this game. His breath came out in a rough hiss. Emboldened by his arousal, I slid my finger inside my thong to massage my clit. Jake reached out and took the offending hand in his. His mouth finally claimed me, his tongue swirling along the seam of my sex. The warm, wet heat he inspired had my back arching off the desk. His tongue trailed a path from my ass to my clit.

Up and down, up and down. I shuddered as my body strained to absorb every sensation. When his lips locked over my clit, I moaned. I rocked my hips against his mouth, craving more delicious friction.

His tongue performed an erotic dance across my sensitive bud, making it impossible to think, let alone speak. Every extremity pulsed with electricity. Every flick of his tongue felt like it would be my ruin.

Pleasure mingled deliciously with the painful urgency of my arousal. And then he added his fingers to the mix. My hips bucked upward as a finger slipped between my wet folds, plunging deep inside me.

His digit crooked upward, stroking me into a frenzy. I was 7 SUCK A WHAT? Heat spread across my body, and my pussy twitched. A groan slipped past my parted lips, and I cld my hand over my mouth to contain the sound. My other hand slid to my breast, giving the nipple a squeeze before rolling it between my thumb and forefinger. A jolt of ecstasy shot straight to my pussy.

Light little tickles danced across my stomach, and my eyes fluttered open. He puffed a breath against my pussy. He winked, throwing my legs over his shoulders before his head disappeared between my thighs. My clit pulsed as his tongue swirled over it, sending my body into a state of sheer bliss. My fingers flexed, searching for something to hold on to as every nerve in my body sizzled, sending sparks of electricity straight to my core.

Another moan ripped through me. Fireworks exploded before my eyes as an insistent pressure built below. All of my muscles tensed. I slid both hands to my breasts, holding them as though they were a life raft while a storm brewed within me. Jake pulled my clit between his lips. He hummed against the swollen button, pushing me to the edge.

My orgasm rushed over me like a tidal wave. Satisfaction came in quick bursts, each more powerful than the last.

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Every time I thought I would fall back to earth, another explosion tore through me. Never before had I experienced such intense pleasure. As I recovered my body continued to quake. Jake pressed a kiss to the inside of my thigh before gently tugging my skirt back into place. He pulled me into his arms, folding me into an intimate embrace and planting a kiss on my forehead.

The admission surprised me, and I had to smile.

And he did. Over and over again. I love to see a hard sucker disappear between cherryglossed lips. So when our anniversary rolled around, I presented my girlfriend with a bouquet of multicolored lollies wrapped in a scarlet satin ribbon.

I felt a pulse in my pussy that grew stronger by the minute. She caught on immediately, and she sucked the lollipop so hard her cheeks indented. I felt lightheaded for a moment, and my breath started to speed up.

She removed the lolly and I kissed her lips, reveling in the pure sticky sweetness. She sucked the lollipop until it was gone, savoring every second, and then she went for my pants.

She unbuttoned the fly and opened my jeans to reveal that I was packing. While I stroked her cinnamon curls, she began to bob her mouth up and down on my synthetic dick. I swear I could feel her sucking me all the way to my core. I lay back against the sofa. Sonia bobbed faster and faster. Each time she went down on me, the base of the toy pressed against my clit in the perfect way.

In seconds, I was climaxing. If it had been a real cock, I would have filled her mouth with my seed. I took a moment to wash the sugarcoated toy while Sonia stripped. When I came back into the room, she was naked and bent over the sofa. First, I returned the favor. On my knees, I started to lick her split from behind, working to caress her clit with my tongue, and then moving to rim her asshole. Sonia squealed when she felt my tongue tickle her backdoor, and then she relaxed and held her cheeks open at my instruction.

While I rimmed her, I kept the image in my mind of her sucking that lollipop. I stood and gripped her by the hips, and then I pressed the head of my cock to her pussy. She spread her legs even wider, and I pushed in deep from the first thrust. Sonia slammed her hips back to meet me, and we created a passionate rhythm that worked for both of us. When she came, she bucked so ferociously the sofa moved forward on the wooden floor. When I reached my peak, I practically collapsed on top of her, completely spent by the power of my orgasm.

We parted, and Sonia reached for another lollipop. Naughty girl. As I watched her sucking that lollipop, I felt myself getting wetter and wetter with every flick of her pink tongue.

Sonia worked that lollipop like it was a dick. I could tell she was enjoying herself. She likes driving me crazy with lust. When she finished the confection, I fetched the lube. I had Sonia get on all fours on the rug. Then I parted her ass cheeks and oiled up her rear hole. Before I speared her, I made her ask for what I was going to do next.

Nothing works me over quite like hearing Sonia beg for anal. I pressed the head of the dick to her hole, and I waited. I let her feel the pressure of the toy against her tight hole, but I refused to open her up. Put your dick inside me. I thought of taunting her further, of keeping her teetering on the brink, but that would have meant withholding my pleasure, too.

So I gave in for the both of us. She immediately put one hand between her legs and began to play with herself. I waited patiently until she gave the word. Then I waited impatiently. I was growing so turned on, listening to the sounds she made while she was playing with her pussy and feeling the heat coming off her body in waves.

She climaxed fully as I was fucking her ass, and that turned me on so much I could hardly stay upright. I held on to her hips, and I fucked her ripe peach of an ass with everything I had. I ground against her, and I heard the sweet noises she made as she 9 SUCK A WHAT? kept tripping one orgasm into the next.

I stayed up on my knees, and I pulled open my nether lips and let her really go to town on my clit. Sonia sucked me off in no time, and then she pushed me onto my stomach, got behind me, and rimmed me for all she was worth. Her tongue in my ass and my fingers on my clit took me to another climax, and by the time I finished coming, my whole body was limp and relaxed.

We went to the bathroom together and washed up, and then collapsed back in the bed. As I cradled Sonia to my body, I felt as if I reached a new plateau of pleasure. That was it for the night, I thought. And then Sonia reached for another lollipop. She was tall with dark hair, an hourglass figure, and striking green eyes. Her ass and her tits fought for attention, especially since she was prone to wearing dark dresses that hugged her curves while still being modest and professional.

Abigail was the naughty librarian fantasy brought to life. A person could get lost in the dream of her whipping off the tortoiseshell readers she sometimes wore, letting her hair down, and getting on her knees. My fantasy was most definitely her getting on her knees, an image that haunted me most days she worked. She had the most amazing mouth, and her smile made my blood pressure go up. I showed up one Saturday to catch up on some work and heard a noise in the file room.

Abigail stuck her head out and grinned. Poor you, buddy. She had on a silky blue blouse with small white polka dots over a simple tank top. Her long legs were sheathed in snug, faded jeans, and she wore old-fashioned canvas tennis shoes that somehow made the whole sexpot thing even more intense.

Her innocent attire really served to remind me of that sinful-looking mouth. You want me to call back and add something for you? I looked up at her eyes, but then my gaze swiftly dropped to those luscious lips of hers. When I met her gaze again, I saw she was scoping out my clumsily shielded hard-on. In your pants. What do you have? I had no idea what to say. Just for you. Instead, I continued to stare.

I considered pinching myself. I was fairly certain I was having a dream. But she kept coming at me, all denim and polka dots and innocent white tennis shoes. I saw that her nails were painted an arresting shade of red. Am I right? Heat suffused my cheeks, and I was pretty sure I was the color of a cooked lobster. Or, at least, if felt like it did. She dragged my zipper down and then her cool fingers were pulling me free of my boxers. The silken sensation made my knees a little weak.

Her green eyes flashed, her long brown hair artfully arranged in a messy knot on her head. When she dropped to her knees, I uttered a noise that was a half sigh, half whimper.

Adult sex hookup sterling heights

Abigail stuck her pink tongue out and swept it over my cockhead. I touched a lock of her hair. It was soft. Unbelievably so. The searing heat of her mouth hit me, and I groaned.

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Her mouth slid down my shaft, engulfing me. Her lips were amazing, spread against my skin, pink with lipstick, and lush. She cupped my balls and began a slow, agonizing rhythm, taking me into her mouth and throat all the way to the root of my cock. The press of her warm lips to the base of my dick was intoxicating. She her mouth massaged my length, pulling off me occasionally to slide her parted lips up one side and then down the other.

She dragged her tongue up the fat vein on the back of my cock and sucked the tip again before repeating the entire maddening process over again.

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I was grunting with every buck of my hips. Really good. Like she had all the time in the world and was perfectly content to be there on the hard office floor sucking me off. I shut my eyes, trying to focus on making the moment last. She swirled and lapped and suckled my cock until small white dots appeared behind my eyelids. She took me down again, so deep I felt the cap of my cock brush the warmth of her throat.

Then she sucked me in earnest, a not-too-fast, not-too-slow rhythm that swept me under. I pushed into her, losing my manners, and gripped her hair. When I looked down to see her pinch her nipple through her plain white tank top, I lost it. Two more deep thrusts accompanied by her wet, gentle sucking, and I was coming. I emptied into her willing mouth as she tweaked the other nipple and sucked me dry. The doorbell rang, and we both froze. Though I could be convinced to share.

PURE BLISS The way she stirred the cream into her coffee gave me an instant hard-on. Mine apparently wanted to make life more difficult for me in the time it took her to pour in the steady stream of white cream into her Americano and then spin spiral designs into the dark liquid.

I must have blushed, or coughed, or done something physical as a reaction, because she looked up at me and then winked. Were we destined to continue down the road to sex and romance? Or were we going to take a sidetrack and end up on the route of friends? The stir and the wink. I hoped like hell she was on the same page I was. Her foot nudged mine under the table. I nudged back. Is the espresso getting to you? How could I explain that I wanted to be the cream in her coffee?

That I wanted her to milk the liquid of my pleasure from me with that perfect mouth of hers? She toyed with her spoon. I reached out a hand and let my fingertips brush hers. She sipped her coffee. I hoped the drink was cool enough by now for her to swallow it fast. I wanted to get us out of there, out of that small San Francisco cafe and up the steep hill to my apartment.

She seemed to know what I was thinking, the way her eyes had lit up, green and gold flashing in the sunlight coming through the windows. She tilted back in her chair and lifted the cup in both hands. After every sip, she gave a contented sigh.

I wanted those plush pink lips around my rod. I wanted that warm mouth caressing me. She smiled as she sipped, her lips curving upward, her eyes bright.

I put dollars on the table. I took my coat from the back of the chair. It was long enough. I could hide my hard-on but not my desires.

I wanted to go inside her mouth. Or to come inside her mouth. How was I to say that in public, in mixed company, where the barista might hear me? She could see my thoughts, hear my fantasies. I took her by the hand, and we walked out of the restaurant and up the hill together. My throbbing erection made every step an echo of torturous bliss, yet each footstep on the cracked cement took us closer to nirvana. Halfway up the hill, she looped her arm through mine and stopped us walking.

She pressed her body to mine, and I knew she felt what I was hiding under my coat. She tugged on my hips to pull me even closer to her. We were front to front, body to body, hard me to soft her.

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I sighed as she squirmed and wriggled in my embrace to stimulate what was already erect and ready. The chill in the air was pure winter in San Francisco, but the heat I felt inside myself was like summertime. At my apartment building, I worked the key, and then we were in the lobby and moving to the stairs. Her lips tasted of French Roast. I sipped her delicate aroma. Then we were stripping, right there in my living room.

My coat and scarf tossed to a chair. Her poncho and blouse. Boots, 12 Penthouse Letters socks, and jeans flung hither and far. We connected, in a simple yet intricate manner. I licked the hollows of her collarbone. She nuzzled her nose against my chest.

We kissed and nibbled up and down, until we were in a 69, and thenwell, then we discovered that cream really does rise. She tongued my cockhead. I pierced her split with the tip of my tongue. She groaned and roiled above me, her body one undulating line of undiluted desire.

I held her pussy lips open with my hands and pressed my lips to her little clit. She swallowed more of my length down her heavenly throat. She took a breath as I made spirals with my tongue around her hot button.

I lay back for a moment when she resumed the vacuum-like suction of her mouth on my balls. There was never a time when one of us was not fondling or licking, kissing or nipping at the other.

She produced copious amounts of sex juices. I coated her lips with my salty precome. Each time I swiped away her honey, I was rewarded with more of the ambrosia-like nectar. I drank from her until my lips felt swollen and shiny with her juices. There was magic in her mouth. I bumped her clit with the tip of my tongue before going for the gold. I made a tight ring with my lips around her clitoris, and I sucked as if my world depended on making her climax.

She groaned and moaned like a wild animal, a beast after one thing only: the most perfect orgasm. Only minutes before, we were out in public, drinking coffee in the middle of a Saturday afternoon.

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Now, we were stripped to our most naked selves, pleasing each other with our mouths. Hungry for one another. Hungry for love. She ground her hips against my face with a surprising force.

very pity me

I was thrilled with how comfortable she was. She seemed completely at ease taking from me what she needed. I would give her everything she craved. I could tell the exact moment she climaxed. She stilled for a second, and then she shuddered all over. Her cry of victory echoed around my small apartment, and I was rewarded with a fresh wave of her personal cream. I swallowed every drop and then attempted once more to lick her clean, but each swipe of my tongue brought forth a rush of fresh juices.

Then finally, we could wait no longer. SHE GYRATED.

I BUCKED. My cock went deep into her well-lubed split. She gyrated. I bucked. She looked down at me with sex-glazed eyes. I stirred her with my own spoon, and then I came. Harder than I could remember from the past. Filling her with my liquid. Painting her with my designs. Tell us all about it. Mail your story to: Penthouse Letters, Department SAW, Mason Avenue, Chatsworth, CA,or email it to: letters penthouse.

Rick and I are both very inventive. We also have a great marriage, which happens to be an open one. The woman had caught my eye immediately. She moved with a sultry ease and exuded an enticing sexual aura. The convention was for costume and makeup people who worked in motion pictures. There were lectures and workshops, and all sorts of opportunities to make connections. We knew all the tricks of transforming actors into any look.

Rick did, too. We went up to our room and opened our makeup kits. The audience had loved it. Now we set about my metamorphosis. My hair was short but thick. Rick applied lots of gel and gave me a part. I drew in subtle lines on my face to make my jaw look squarer and my nose broader. Rick applied a fake mustache, modestly sized. We decided to add chic eyeglasses. Then came the clothes. First, we taped down my tits with a wide adhesive strip.

Rick dipped into another bag. The cock part was pliable, made of thick rubber. I liked how it felt in my pants; it also produced a very convincing bulge. Back down to the lobby we went.

are not right

I feared my lovely dark-haired quarry might have left, but there she was with a fresh drink before her. Rick whispered encouragement, then slipped off to leave me on my own.

I adopted a masculine stride as I closed the distance between us. She glanced up, and I held her eyes for a moment, pausing and smiling. I went to the vacant barstool beside her. I sat and ordered a cocktail. I made a few remarks about the convention. She responded knowledgeably, like someone in the industry would.

Finally, I introduced myself.

My nails were always trimmed for work. Hers were long and painted a dazzling red. She was buying it! I was drunk on my apparent success, but I was also mesmerized by her. Up close, she was even more beautiful. I tried a little flirting, saying things men had said to me in the past. This game was a lot tougher from the masculine end. My lust was overwhelming. It felt like my phony cock was throbbing for real. Eventually, Jade warmed up.

She 24 Penthouse Letters started responding to my suggestive comments with ones of her own.

Demurely she said yes, and we headed to the elevator. I was quivering with desire as we entered her room. She turned, stepped closer to me, and kissed me on the mouth. Her lips were delicate and soft. Then we kissed again, deeper this time, mouths parting and tongues tangling with a passionate urgency. She pressed her body against me, and I closed my arms around her. She pushed deliberately against my strap-on, as if it was a real erection she desired to stimulate.

Of course in the next minute this passionate encounter might all be over. She could justifiably freak out when she discovered the truth about me. When she groped me the same way, I felt up her luscious tits while I still could. Finally, she tugged on my zipper. Before I could do anything, she reached in and drew out my rubbery length.

She grinned as she fondled it. With a wild mixture of desire and horror, I watched her go to her knees before me. The dildo was an unrealistic color, no match at all for my dusky skin tone. I braced for her cry of outrage. Instead, I heard wet sucking sounds.

I looked down, and my eyes popped wide. Jade was indeed blowing my ersatz erection. She held the shaft in one hand. Her head lunged forward, and she swallowed me down. It was a glorious, mesmerizing sight. She knew she was sucking a bogus cock. She had to know. But she acted like it was the real thing, slurping ardently and letting out little groans as her mouth dropped again and again on me. Weird instincts overtook me. My hips started to thrust.

I found I wanted to bury my dick deep in her face. I put my shaking hands on her head, and then wound my fingers into her hair. I jammed the dildo harder into her, and she deepthroated me effortlessly. Beneath all my costuming, my pussy quivered wetly. My whole body prickled with sexual energy. Obviously I could feel her mouth on me, but the idea of it somehow transmuted into a carnal reality in my mind, sending white-hot tendrils of pleasure throughout my body. It really was like I was facefucking this beautiful woman with a real dick.

When she pulled her mouth off me, I gave a needful cry. She stood and slipped her dress off her shoulders. After tossing aside her bra and panties, she stood naked before me. Her body glowed with loveliness. Her breasts were pale mounds capped with exquisite dark nipples.

Her sparse pubic fuzz revealed the gleaming lips of her pussy. She sat on the edge, lying back and spreading her legs. Eagerly, I knelt between those creamy thighs. Hers was an intoxicating scent, rich and vibrant.

When I put my lips to her pussy, she cried out. I licked her folds, then really nuzzled into her. I realized quickly that my glued-on mustache was gently abrading her sensitive flesh. I thought of all the times Rick had eaten me out when he had stubble, how thrilling that contact was for me. I used my phony facial hair deliberately after that, coaxing further pleasure from her. Her clit quivered against my tongue. She humped her crotch hard against my 25 OPEN SEASON face, her beautiful ass lifting clear off the bed.

Excitement raced through me, as well. I had the bizarre urge to start jerking on my strap-on, like a guy yanking his aching cock. When Jade came, her cry was piercing. She flooded my mouth with her sweet juice, and I drank the evidence of her release, feeling it burn in my throat like liquor. I rocked back on my heels. My mustache dripped with her wetness, but it stayed on, naturally. Rick had applied it professionally.

She scooted further up the bed as I rose. I took off my suit coat, my body blazing in my clothes. Sweat streaked me. Now come up here and fuck me, Tim! The clothes maintained the illusion. Or else-this suddenly seemed more likely-she was specifically turned on by my pretense and wanted to pretend a little longer.

So, still wearing shirt, slacks, and shoes, I climbed on the bed with my spit-wet cock hanging out of my fly. This lovely lady spread herself wide for me. I aimed my rubber cockhead at her hole and sank myself inside. She bucked underneath me. She heaved. She grabbed hold of my dangling tie and pulled me downward.

I kissed her brutally, stabbing her with my tongue.

My hips moved with machinelike force. I fucked her hard and deep, feeling from each impact how thoroughly I was plumbing her delectable pussy. I felt a driving need to bring her to orgasm like this. I wanted this woman to feel the strength of my cock, the durability of my thrusts. Either this was what it was like to be a man, or it was my own weird fantasy of a masculine attitude.

Whichever, she was plainly loving our coupling, and the scene had filled me with a bright carnal vigor. I was bucking wildly on top of her, slamming home with every lunge. She lifted her legs and wrapped them around my waist, squeezing me and drawing me even deeper inside her. Her hands turned into claws and grabbed hold of my shoulders.

Her counter-thrusts were perfectly synced with my savage impalements. Her pretty face twisted and contorted, her teeth bared. I was with someone feral and beautiful, and only my driving cock could tame her. I watched her pleasure rise and rise, like a needle going into the red and hitting a crisis point.

When that crisis hit, she erupted with rapture. Her face darkened and her eyes squeezed tight. Veins beat on her forehead, and she howled her ecstasy. In that same instant, the base of the toy gave me just the right amount of pleasure and friction, and I shared in her bliss. Ultimate pleasure radiated outward from my groin to consume my entire being. In the afterglow, I explained myself.

I bet we can make him feel better. But the second week? After our friends return home, they think me and Beth meet up to go on a romantic getaway, but what we really do 26 Penthouse Letters is have our own sex-filled escapades- with other people.

This past winter, I went to Canada for a winter hiking expedition with the guys, and while we were there, I noticed a rare woman at the lodge. Everyone wanted a piece of her, but no one else was single.

So, after the rest of the guys left at the end of the week, I continued hiking, heading further along the trail and hoping to run into her again. I caught up to the woman two days later, at the next big lodge. There was no one else around, since most people never progress this far up the trail, so aside from the staff, we were the only people in the place. When dinner was served that night, we both chose to eat in the dining room, and being the only guests there, we sat together and talked.

We made polite conversation about the trail and how we came to be hiking alone, and when dinner was over, I waited for her to decide what happened next. It was obviously my lucky day, because what she suggested we do next was get some mulled wine and sit by the fire together. But instead of sitting by the big fireplace in the main room, she guided me back to one of the deluxe guest rooms-her room-and suggested we sit in front of the small fireplace in there instead.

Then she said she was still too warm, so she took off her long-sleeved shirt and her jeans, leaving her in only a camisole, bra, and panties. I wanted her to make the first move, so there would be no question about her desires. She stood up and went to the bathroom. What I got, though, was a very sexy, very naked woman. Instead of sitting down next to me, she sat right in my lap, her naked body rubbing against me as she settled into her new seat and wiggled her ass over my quickly hardening cock.

And then she kissed me. That was all the sign I needed that she was truly interested. I pulled her tight against my chest as I kissed her back, then thrust my tongue between her lips to explore her mouth.

Our tongues battled for control, and we took turns tasting each other as we sat in front of the fire, feeling our temperatures rise in more ways than one. She was grinding her bare, wet pussy against my leg. I could feel the moisture from her aroused cunt soaking through my pants and dampening my skin.

Knowing that she was so wet from only a little flirting and foreplay was highly arousing to me. She pushed me away and stripped my clothes entirely off. Then she yanked me right back on top of her. I kissed her hotly, but I wanted more of her. I traced a trail down her body, kissing her neck and breasts and circling her nipples with my tongue.

Then I moved further still, sliding along her stomach and stopping to swirl my tongue around her belly button. I wandered across her hips, down her toned thighs, over her bent knees, and all the way down her long, smooth legs until I got to her feet.

I kissed her soles, her toes, and then I worked my way back up until I got to her wet center. I lapped her slit gently-once, twice, three times-and then slipped my tongue inside her, easing it all the way in and then wiggling it around before easing it back out.

I did that over and over again, occasionally pulling out all the way so I could lick her swollen clit. She pushed me onto my back and swung a leg over my pelvis, facing my feet.

She sat herself on my cock like she was about to ride a winning racehorse. She thrust quickly up and down on my cock, and I watched her beautiful butt bob before my eyes. Her cheeks jiggled and shook like they were designed by a skilled 3-D animator, and I was ready to shoot in almost no time.

But my lover had other ideas. When I told her I was about to blow, she rose off my cock and carefully turned around, repositioning herself so she could face me. Then she sank ever-so-slowly back onto my dick and started to ride me again. Her maddening motions kept me on edge without pushing me over, and I felt like I was on the verge of climax for-fucking-ever.

Our coupling continued like that for what seemed like an eternity, but it was probably only five or ten minutes. Still, when she finally started fucking me again with more intensity-her body moving up and down at a rapid-fire pace and her tits bouncing wildly in front of me-I felt a monster climax building inside me. I came harder than I had in a long time, feeling like I was firing rockets from my dick. I spent the next couple of days hiking with my new companion, but I left before things could get complicated.

After a week and a half, I was ready to see my wife again. That weekend, I flew down to Miami to surprise my wife, who had been having her own vacation trysts.

We even reenacted some of our hottest scenes together, sharing all the best parts of our private sex lives with each other.

At the end of our two weeks, it was time to get back to the grind. The next day, when I got to work- after only two hours of sleep-one of my coworkers commented on my appearance. And, man, do I feel bad for those couples.

Not a single fucking thing. My boyfriend knew this even before we ever dated. We went to college together, and things were liberal enough at our school that I could be seen with a man or woman on my arm at parties or other social functions.

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