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RALEIGH, N. WNCN - With much fanfare and hope to reach herd immunity, North Carolina launched its vaccine lottery earlier this year. Researchers who published their findings in the Journal of the American Medical Association found the effect of the vaccine lottery to be near zero in every state that had one, including North Carolina. Our point estimate would be 0 percent. Hansen co-wrote Association Between Statewide COVID Lottery Announcements and Vaccinations with Andrew Friedson of the University of Colorado-Denver and economist and professor Dhaval Dave. The researchers compared data provided by Johns Hopkins University to reach their conclusions. Sex dating for over 50s wiltshire.

While complaints increased, overall inspections dramatically decreased, according to the U. ICE detainees. Inmates awaiting trial. Overflow prisoners. With nearly 10 percent of the NC population vaccinated, Gov. Roy Cooper offers cautious optimism. Two months into the vaccine rollout, Black North Carolinians continue to lag behind white residents. To ensure accurate counts in the future, NC will now check prison death reporting alongside official death documents.

It could impact other prisoners who died of COVIDrelated causes and were not reported, according to an ongoing NC Health News investigation.

Families and advocates are cheering the decision to bump up vaccine priority for people with disabilities. Mental illness is certainly on the rise in young people. But is suicide also ticking up? Our metrics are looking better statewide, but the arrival of new variants prompts questions about vaccine effectiveness. The CDC called on states to begin tracking gender and sexual identity in their COVID data.

Will North Carolina take their advice? Roy Cooper gives hints about the next executive order. Tinsley was an inmate at the Federal Correctional Institution Butner when he contracted COVID and died. Even before his family was notified, his body was placed in an unmarked grave. Inequity in sentencing and building more prisons in mostly Black communities add up to increased COVID among people of color, including prison workers, inside and outside of NC prisons.

As more people are receiving COVID vaccines, we take a look at common misconceptions about the effects of the shot. Remote learning in the pandemic has laid bare inequities in access to broadband and learning resources, making it difficult for rural, poor and minority communities to keep up.

From outreach to remote areas to assistance from the National Guard, rural providers are trying to reach isolated seniors everywhere. But staffing, low vaccine allocations and transportation barriers have gotten in the way.

As COVID death toll tops 10, the NC public health team works to administer vaccines equitably and efficiently. A North Carolina Health News and VICE News investigation found this undercount is likely not unique to North Carolina, and could be happening in dozens of states across the country.

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We talked to health workers on the front lines of the opioid epidemic across the state to hear how the coronavirus pandemic has affected people who use drugs. The governor offers a spending proposal to continue the fight against COVID while creating recovery and rebuilding programs. Citing new studies that show little to no spread of COVID in schools, the governor and top education officials push to reopen classrooms.

After facing criticism for slow vaccine administration, North Carolina clears backlog and tweaks its distribution process. Changes in the allotment of vaccines force health providers to delay and reschedule appointments as the state grapples with the low supply. Failure to wear seat belts, speeding and emotional distractions are blamed for some of the fatalities.

Get sex app near high point nc

Assisted living centers in North Carolina and nationally notice growth in the numbers of COVID-related cases and deaths. A year after the first COVID case was reported in the U. About a third of rural residents are reluctant get to vaccinated, while about a quarter of metropolitan residents are. Some local health officials say vaccine administration would have started faster if there had been more certainty and funding for their efforts.

North Carolina changed its vaccine distribution plan to give providers more agility to vaccinate more people quickly. People who work at long term care facilities were some of the first in line for the COVID vaccine.

01/08/ NC hospitals near capacity as coronavirus hammers the state. North Carolina's coronavirus cases have ballooned in recent weeks and medical facilities are quickly filling up. 01/07/ When and where your county is distributing the COVID vaccine. Looking for information about where to get vaccinated near you? Figuring out the sex of a baby duck can be surprisingly difficult when they're young and generally you won't be able to tell by looking at them until they're much older. As such, there are specific methods experienced duck owners use to figure out safely, and precisely, what sex their ducklings are A year-old NC girl was hospitalized with burns Thursday, after another student ignited a fire on the school bus, according to the High Point Police Department

Last week, we learned that our reporter had trouble being chosen to participate in a COVID vaccine trial, despite being in several risk groups that vaccine makers said they wanted to target. Finally, she was chosen for a clinical trial, which meant even more waiting.

NC lawmakers grill Mandy Cohen, DHHS secretary, about slower than expected COVID vaccine administration, on a day when Gov. Cooper drew parallels between political violence and coronavirus denial.

Despite their good intentions, some people who tested negative for the coronavirus using a rapid antigen test before visiting friends and family over Christmas may have developed a false sense of security. A new report shows that the rapid test missed the virus in nearly 60 percent of people who were infected but not yet showing symptoms.

NC prisons will soon receive their first doses of the COVID vaccine. Looking for information about where to get vaccinated near you? Check our listing, which will be ated often. As North Carolina begins to vaccinate residents 75 and older, they want to know how and where to get their shot. Roy Cooper extends statewide curfew with a strong directive from his top public health official.

As a minority, I wanted to participate in a vaccine study. I had no idea how difficult that would be. Six institutes of higher education - both public and private - collaborated to keep coronavirus cases low.

NC Health News staffers have published more than stories about COVID in We take a look at the many ways, large and small, that COVID has affected North Carolina and its population and pull out some of the larger themes we saw emerge. North Carolina adds more details to the COVID equitable vaccine distribution plan, cautions against violating prioritizations.

Returning to exercise after coronavirus can be a difficult and long process, even for people whose infection did not require hospitalization. During a Duke Science and Society webinar, Alan Alda and Anthony Fauci discuss how to rebuild faith in public science agencies. COVID cases, hospitalizations and deaths hit new records as North Carolina battles a Thanksgiving case surge with Christmas only days away.

The economic devastation of coronavirus has hit some older adults particularly hard, driving up demand for diapers and other sanctuary products in social service agencies across the state. Medical workers across the state received their first shots of the Pfizer vaccine against COVID at the very beginning of what will be a complicated rollout.

A sizable chunk of those patients have not yet caught up on their care. With vaccines due to arrive in NC in just days, top NC public health officials share details about state distribution plan.

Hospitals across the state are bracing for a coronavirus surge that could push them to the brink. Roy Cooper issues statewide curfew as COVID cases and hospitalizations top pandemic records.

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More than nine months into a pandemic that underscored deficiencies in rural broadband, many remote communities still lack access to the internet.

Governor Cooper would like more people to wear masks, but cooperation remains elusive. As coronavirus spreads from urban to rural areas, experts worry that longstanding disparities could mean more serious cases and deaths there.

Roy Cooper offers hope about vaccines while urging North Carolinians to stay strong in the fight against COVID.

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There are strict social distancing measures students have to follow on campus, such as no throwing parties, and no visitation allowed in their dorm rooms by their friends.

Are NCCU students who live on campus following these rules? As the holiday season draws near, meatpacking workers are preparing poultry for Thanksgiving and Christmas tables across the country. Employees claim some are dying in the process. Roy Cooper tightens mask order as NC COVID case counts jump quickly.

For rural patients already struggling with access to mental health care, the long term effects of the pandemic could mean even greater barriers in receiving the help they need. While gaiters might look more fashionable than a standard face mask, research shows that these face coverings might not be as effective at stopping transmission of COVID.

Staffing up, amassing PPE, leaning on experience and hitting the three Ws hard helped defeat COVID in many NC nursing homes. This is the second of two stories exploring what skilled nursing facilities can do and have done to prevent COVID infections for the people in their care.

More than North Carolina nursing homes have succeeded in totally excluding COVID infections. What did they do right? This is the first of two stories exploring what skilled nursing facilities can do and have done to prevent COVID infections for the people in their care.

New approaches to treatment, housing along with collaboration among specialties and hospitals could remain a staple of care in a post-COVID world.

Making healthcare available to students, faculty and staff on campus is vital to well-being in rural areas. Information from new studies point to the role of interferons, substances made by our bodies that play a key role in the immune response to disease. Stable housing is an essential part of preventing the spread of and recovering from the coronavirus.

However, those most at risk from the virus also have a greater risk of homelessness.

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As state and federal officials nationally launch investigations and seek solutions in the deaths of hundreds of veterans in state nursing homes, North Carolina says it will look next year into 36 such deaths in its privately managed veterans nursing centers. Roy Cooper limits indoor crowds to The coronavirus pandemic sharply reduced charity dental care for adults in Moore County, placing additional barriers to care for the most vulnerable.

A new lawsuit seeks relief for people incarcerated inside the deadliest federal prison in the country. Joe Biden ran on adding a public option to supplement insurance from the Affordable Care Act, while Harris supported Medicare for All. Neither idea may get traction in a Republican-dominated Senate. Roy Cooper would like the pandemic politicization to fade away as NC case counts surge, campaigns wind down and new opportunity arises for coordinated federal response.

The effects of the chemical may be more dangerous for children and medically vulnerable people - and the pandemic might just make things worse.

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An estimate people cycle through North Carolina jails each year. COVID case surge in NC linked to small family gatherings, large events and people letting their guard down. Researchers say widespread use of the app could significantly curtail the spread of COVID As political rhetoric about vaccines leaves many confused, public health officials and scientists work to stoke confidence.

Thirty-six NC counties with high COVID transmission asked to consider restriction measures beyond state requirements. One state, two different takes from the governor and the president on the COVID pandemic in NC.

As elementary schools open fully and President Donald Trump plans rallies in NC, cases and hospitalizations rise. David Wohl treats COVID patients, is a vaccine trial investigator, and sets up crucial testing regimens.

Seven incarcerated people have died in less than a month. President Donald Trump is not the first president to be diagnosed with a serious illness while holding office. Presidents have not always been forthcoming about their health, though. Some experts worry the coronavirus pandemic may be contributing to Adverse Childhood Experiences ACEswhich could have lifelong consequences.

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Colleges created reopening plans that did not conform to a single standard, setting up for chaos once students returned to campuses. Roy Cooper says if NC metrics remain stable, he might ease restrictions even further Oct.

Families are skipping well-child visits to pediatricians, who say that could pose major health risks. North Carolina is one of just three states to still use a paper-based system for its official death documents. Because of it, the state lags in its official COVID deaths reporting.

Students in special education programs are struggling to adjust to online learning during the coronavirus pandemic, which has led to setbacks and hospitalizations for some.

North Carolina has seen its COVID positivity rates go down in recent days. Is it a lasting trend, or will events such as political rallies and holidays bump cases back up? More than people are participating in Phase 3 of the Moderna vaccine clinical trials in Fayetteville. A local doctor heading those trials says they are going well, but scientists doubt a vaccine will be approved before December, at the earliest. Several hundred children across the U. have ended up in intensive care units after acquiring COVID and developing multisystem inflammatory syndrome.

One transferred migrant dead, over people have fallen ill amid continued transfers, arrests, and opaque testing practices.

COVID has pushed independent living centers to adapt to serve their clients with disabilities, who face a wide range of health risks and service disruptions from the coronavirus. Is it time to reconsider restrictions on using prisoners in medical experiments? Some experts say we should ask incarcerated people themselves.

North Carolina launches a public health face mask campaign six months into the coronavirus pandemic. In a short budget session, lawmakers are expected to direct more funding to economic needs generated by the COVID pandemic. As NC trends and metrics show stability and improvement, Gov. Roy Cooper allows gyms, bowling alleys and fitness centers to open again.

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When COVID arrived init was clear much more remained to be done for patients who are within a year of dying. Margot Gage Wivliet was hospitalized with COVID in March. More than four months later, she has yet to recover.

Our point estimate would be 0 percent. You know, that there was effectively no change at all," said University of Oregon economics professor Benjamin Hansen. Dozens get COVID ROBESON COUNTY, N.C. (WBTW) - A body found Monday in Robeson County has been identified as missing year-old Jessica Lawrence, according to CARY, N.C. (WGHP) - Lawrence Whipple, of Cary, bought a Powerball ticket and won a $, prize, according to an NC Education Lottery news release. Whipple's $3

As the nation starved the public health system intended to protect communities against disease, staffing and funding fell faster and further in the Sunshine State, leaving it especially ugradjenje-opremanje.comepared for the worst health crisis in a century. Inmates fear catching the virus amid outbreak but say staff is declining to test other inmates in the dorm. As UNC system campuses report high COVID positivity rates, DHHS secretary renews pitch for three Ws.

Regaining financial footing could take months, even if a second COVID wave never comes, hospital industry executives and advocates say. Social distancing has made it harder for kids with special needs to make friends and engage in hands-on activities at camps this summer.

Virtual and overnight camps for these children have allowed them to interact with peers, build self-esteem, and learn new skills. But caregivers are also realizing the change will come with a raft of questions about whether the home and caregiver can support a loved one recovering from the deadly virus.

NC Gov. The rapid home tests are not as accurate as the common lab tests done now, but can usually detect when an individual has enough of the virus to be contagious. Cases have risen at nine local jails; at least one outbreak is connected to a transfer from the state prison system.

The pandemic has isolated rural residents with mental health needs. But these North Carolina providers are finding creative ways to connect. Some kids have faced social isolation during the pandemic with schools closing and being unable to see their friends. Some youth camps opened their doors in the summer so kids could engage with peers and learn instead of having their eyes glued to a screen. Despite having to wear a mask at camp, campers were still able to swim and meet new friends this summer.

As coronavirus cases continue to tick up across the United States, individual states are pivoting to find labs that can provide test results in a more timely way. The beaches are drawing tourists from all areas with higher rates of COVID infections, so local businesses are having to adjust. As COVID outbreaks moved through North Carolina this year, nursing home residents quickly numbered high among those who became infected.

Among that population, 36 North Carolina residents of military service died of the novel coronavirus in state-owned veterans nursing homes managed by a Georgia conglomerate, PruittHealth. Gaps in state federal oversight and accountability for privately run veterans homes are now facing scrutiny at all levels of government.

The pandemic is taking a mental health toll with increased reports of anxiety, depression, binge drinking and substance-abuse overdoses. As NC universities and colleges prepare to bring students back to campus, governor limits late-night alcohol sales.

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How do insurance companies know what their rates should be? While hundreds of thousands of North Carolinians were losing their jobs, Amazon was on a hiring spree. But at what price?

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North Carolina is on steadier ground than many Southern states in its fight against COVID, but cases continue to rise especially in Latino communities.

As the coronavirus continues to cause chaos in North Carolina, forecasters predict an above-normal hurricane season. State officials urge people in at-risk areas to make plans now. The free Health Heroes app assess symptoms of stress and depression and helps connect those on the frontlines of the coronavirus pandemic connect to care.

As the pandemic rages on, North Carolina governor and top public health official call out the Trump administration. North Carolina is one of the states identified by White House advisors for increased scrutiny because of the high rate of coronavirus cases in the state.

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Free testing sites seek to calm fears in Latinx community that lack of an ID could expose their immigration status. Correctional facilities throughout the state have shut down in-person visitations to help quell the spread of COVID, creating one more roadblock for kids trying to navigate the criminal justice system to stay connected with a parent. Medicaid advocates say expansion now would help rural and urban economies alike and provide health care to aid public health.

NC governor recommends in-person combined with remote teaching for the coming K school year. Each district would have discretion over the exact mix.

Studies say people with high levels of PFAS in their systems could be more susceptible to contracting COVID Prisons not providing court with information and not complying with several parts of order to prevent further COVID spread, judge says.

A combination of smells wafts through their noses- stinky diapers, spoiled pizza, hazardous chemicals. Sanitation workers across the state voice their concerns and share how their jobs have changed during the pandemic as an essential worker. The COVID pandemic has paved way for virtual visits to continue for transgender patients, offering easy - and private - access to hormone replacement therapy and other care.

With more numbers than ever, it can be hard to understand the magnitude of the pandemic in North Carolina.

The COVID pandemic has had a major impact on both routine kidney care and the number of transplants. At the same time, the estimated 37 million American adults with chronic kidney disease are at greater risk of contracting the virus. New physicians suit up and start on July 1.

But the system was already struggling under the weight of staffing issues, budget cuts, management changes and a surge of mental health patients for more than a decade.

As North Carolina sees troubling increases in COVID cases and hospitalizations, decision on K schools postponed. Federal aid has kept the doors open, but with COVID cases rising in the state, advocates say more support may be needed. Even as lawmakers pass bills to require hospitals to allow visitors, they got an earful on how senior living centers would prefer to keep those facilities closed to visitors.

With COVID so prevalent, the N. dental board weighs a timeworn question: Will NC allow dentists to oversee more than two hygienists?

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Face masks will be required as North Carolina remains in the Safer-At-Home Phase 2 for several more weeks. Cleaning teeth with COVID so prevalent brings questions about investigating safety complaints.

The NC prison system had been reluctant to test prison inmates for COVID before a judge got involved. Meanwhile, prison officials have refused to release the number of inmates who have been hospitalized with the virus.

A county program designed before COVID appeared could be useful to connect North Carolinians in need. There is no playbook for what happens when children are separated from friends and peers for months on end, as they have been during the coronavirus pandemic.

How are they really doing? Thousands of pages of documents obtained by ProPublica show how quickly public health agencies were overwhelmed by meatpacking cases. Now COVID has complicated the lives of everyone in the system. In an ate to the General Assembly, Secretary Mandy Cohen emphasized simple measures to prevent a possible surge of hospitalizations due to COVID Hospitals in Greenville, the Triangle and Charlotte may run out of beds by late summer or early fall, a new analysis shows.

The state wants to release pregnant prisoners to protect them from COVID outbreaks. Roy Cooper says he will let the state know early next week whether metrics and trends shift enough for further reopening. Residents of a Hendersonville assisted living home started testing positive for COVID in early April. Cary, Raleigh and other areas of the Triangle are working with N. State on a research project that aims to detect the virus in human feces, potentially alerting health officials to new outbreaks.

As pressure mounts for Gov. Roy Cooper to open bars and gyms amid spiking COVID numbers, the focus shifts to slowing the spread so schools can reopen in August. Two weeks ago, Macon County had a handful of coronavirus cases.

On Tuesday, the number of lab-confirmed cases rocketed to Contact tracers are working to figure out exactly where the outbreaks started. Headlines are filled with farmers and food handlers testing positive for the novel coronavirus, making consumers wonder whether or not it is safe for us to eat that food. Roy Cooper creates a new task force. Duke University is leading a nationwide study of frontline health care workers to test whether HCQ can prevent COVID The mental health crisis brought on by the pandemic has helped speed up the adoption of teletherapy.

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Roy Cooper and President Donald Trump have different ideas for staging a GOP National Convention in Charlotte. As North Carolinians fight for justice for George Floyd, health officials work to reverse long-standing systemic health inequities.

As UNC Health, Vidant Health and other NC health care sites engage in convalescent plasma studies, getting and donating the antibody-rich blood component can be a challenge.

The ZIP code, which includes Siler City and Mountaire Farms, has become a hotspot for the coronavirus in North Carolina. Latinos who live in the ZIP code are suffering greatly, but nogradjenje-opremanje.comofit organizations can only do so much. Fear of being exposed to the coronavirus is contributing to parents skipping child well visits and their vaccinations. Restaurants are back with a new campaign to boost customer confidence as dining moves back inside. North Carolina is moving cautiously into a new reopening phase as COVID cases increase.

Forsyth County has seen a rapid increase in cases. With the coronavirus pandemic highlighting the depth of rural broadband needs, churches have set their sights on increasing access in their communities. As the number of COVID lab confirmed cases continue to rise, Gov.

Roy Cooper modifies his phased reopening plan. While some addiction service providers have been forced to cut programs, others have adjusted to the pandemic changes to assist people using drugs and those in early addiction recovery. NC health officials say all residents of long-term care centers, in dozens of which COVID has run rampant, should be tested for the virus, but left several details vague.

While waiting to see if Gov. Cooper will ease restrictions this weekend, some may be taking risks with their health. The Eastern Band of the Cherokee tribe has been urging that one person from every household on its land get tested. Testing, testing, testing. Getting access to the necessary COVID tests has been a problem for Dare County and elsewhere in northeastern NC.

Nearly a week into this phase of the modified stay-at-home order, no spikes or deep drop-off in COVID have appeared. The coronavirus pandemic forced providers to see many of their patients virtually. In rural North Carolina, where the broadband infrastructure is lacking, that transition can be challenging.

As North Carolina increases testing and tracing, contact tracers must overcome hurdles amid spam-call blocking. COVID has brought changes in routine for people with dementia and other speech and memory problems.

The community of speech therapy is offering new methods of care as the need continues to emerge. Political divides are emerging again during the pandemic slightly more than a week after Republicans and Democrats reached consensus on a relief package. About a million North Carolinians have lost work in the past two months, and for many, lost health insurance too. What can they do? After providing only emergency care for the past month, NC dentists plan to bring hygienists back to work for more routine oral health care.

At NC Health News, our workload suddenly exploded. Healthy coping skills, mental health resources can ease the pain of physical distance during the pandemic. Staffing, salary and working conditions, especially in long-term care, also shine a light on challenges for the nursing profession.

Recent data shows a disproportionate burden of cases per capita there.

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State health officials are preparing North Carolinians for a partial re-opening this weekend. But they urge Tar Heels to go slow and remember the 3 Ws. advocates say hospitals are shutting out caregivers of disabled, potentially violating of federal law. Remote and sparsely populated, counties in western NC have taken some tough measures to keep their coronavirus numbers low.

Autumn Care of Cornelius found that 53 of its residents had COVID infections; eventually 10 of them died. A century ago, North Carolina was ravaged by a different epidemic than the one we are experiencing today.

Again, it was a disease that was without treatment, spread easily and killed about 14, people in the state. The economic pressure of coronavirus has strained one hospital system in eastern North Carolina, while another hospital in that part of the state recently emerged from bankruptcy.

Even as the state considers reopening, today saw an uptick in cases and more people with COVID symptoms are showing up in emergency departments. One woman was released early, but could not get tested in prison. NCDHHS Sec. Lawmakers convened, while observing social distancing practices, for the new legislative session Tuesday at the General Assembly. Child abuse and neglect are expected to rise in the wake of the COVID pandemic, with children unable to escape to the safety of schools and struggling families experience ugradjenje-opremanje.comecedented levels of stress.

NCDHHS announced a contact tracing task collaborative to support local health departments through the pandemic. Meanwhile, the state released the names of nursing homes with coronavirus outbreak. Companies say the sales are a way to be good corporate citizens during the pandemic, but there are also other forces at play.

Schools will remain closed through the rest of the academic year, Gov. Cooper said on Friday, but remote learning will continue. The one bill addresses policy issues needed to facilitate health care moving forward during the state of emergency, the other appropriates close to a half billion dollars in assistance. The state says workers at seven meat and poultry processing plants have tested positive for COVID Medicaid, which supports millions of low income North Carolinians has seen a lot of changes in recent months, and there are liable to be more coming.

As the North Carolina prison system reports its first COVID death, officials said they will test all correctional officers in the state for the virus. Five processing plants, including the mammoth Smithfield Foods pork processing plant in Tar Heel, are experiencing outbreaks of the coronavirus, state health officials say.

After more than a month without customers or income because of social distancing restrictions, personal services businesses are looking for ways to get back to work. But it may not be that simple. coronavirus deaths in one month now exceed the entire season of flu fatalities, said DHHS Sec. Mandy Cohen. Federal records for the 19 NC nursing homes identified as having COVID outbreaks show three-quarters have below average marks for staffing.

Western North Carolina farmers are bracing for a potentially difficult season amidst the coronavirus outbreak. Roy Cooper announced today that three universities have partnered with the state on an effort to step up coronavirus testing capacity.

Meanwhile, the state prison in Goldsboro reports a large outbreak, with cases surpassing as of Friday.

NCDHHS aired a three-minute video to help people understand how they can access care while staying home. Meanwhile, NCDHHS Sec. Mandy Cohen advocated for using emergency funding to help Medicaid providers. Senate leader Phil Berger announced a research initiative to take look back at who may have had COVID, while Gov.

Roy Cooper and Sec. Mandy Cohen worry the state lacks enough to do adequate disease tracking. There are several free resources during the COVID pandemic for people who are used to attending regular meetings to support their mental health or substance use recovery.

In a sign that political discourse around health care access is once again heating up, NCDHHS Sec. Mandy Cohen called for Medicaid expansion at a press conference on COVID Fewer inmates will be sleeping in prison beds as the Department of Public Safety begins early release for certain eligible inmates to reduce the prison population and prevent the spread of COVID The coronavirus outbreak has brought on an onslaught of data, but what do these numbers actually mean?

Officials said Monday that the strict social distancing measures in North Carolina are slowing the spread of the virus, even as they face pressure to reopen the state economy. The number of COVID cases in WNC is relatively low compared to the more populous areas in the state.

The novel coronavirus has brought death and devastation, but professionals from different walks of life say it could also bring positive changes once it finally subsides.

As North Carolina heads into Easter weekend in isolation, some organizations have put up virtual egg hunts. Four long-term care facilities with sizable outbreaks have had issues in the past, according to recent state inspections. Advocates for child care and aging issues, along with EMS workers, delivered dense presentations for lawmakers to sort through as they rush to create legislation for COVID pandemic relief.

Hospice organizations typically work quietly toward providing some level of peace for people near death and their caregivers. An outbreak in PruittHealth - Carolina Point rehabilitation center in Chapel Hill has spread rapidly from last Thursday, when Orange County Public Health officials first publicly reported that two people, a resident and an employee, had come down with the virus. Now 60 are positive.

State and local data show that African Americans across the state are bearing a disproportionate impact of the coronavirus. Cooper said he will place additional crowd-control restrictions on grocery stores and other retailers.

NC scientists develop a COVID model showing how social distancing could keep the health system from being overwhelmed by Memorial Day. As coronavirus cases near 3, Sec.

Mandy Cohen urged people to avoid large holiday gatherings. Meanwhile, experts study how caseloads will change with and without social distancing.

Medical facilities are struggling to balance patient care while limiting the risk of exposure, especially for their most vulnerable patients. Reopening closed rural hospitals could be faster and more efficient than building temporary hospitals, says a rural healthcare advocate. But the cancellation of normal hospital services is straining the financial resources of rural facilities even more. Booze has been disappearing from shelves at ABC stores across the state. Column: Packing sandwich bags for Montana.

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