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They features a neighborhood of 30 million month-to-month energetic clients and chat rooms for any of forms of pleasant matters. Email c?a b?n s? khong du?c hi?n th? cong khai. Binh lu?n. Trang web. Luu ten c?a toi, email, va trang web trong trinh duy?t nay cho l?n binh lu?n k? ti?p c?a toi. Ghi nh? m?t kh?u Dang nh?p.

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admin2 kim. These for emphasize for reliability of single men and women on SeniorMatch. Both key constitutional activities is bulk Christian, with 83per cent of Republicans and 69per cent of Democrats identifying as Christian. Tr? l?i H?y Email c?a b?n s? khong du?c hi?n th? cong khai.

The events in Washington, D. Scriptures admonish us not to love this world or be a part of this world. We are instructed that our citizenship is in heaven and not on this earth Philippians Because of this, we should continually check ourselves to make sure we do not fall into the divisive and quarreling attitudes we see all around us.

And now we just had a burst of heavy hail in Jerusalem! Song of SolomonASV The Abib calendar [7] is not fixed, like the other biblical calendars, but is dependent on the change of season from winter to summer, so those observing it will be looking for the readiness of the barley harvest for the wave sheaf offering and other signs that summer is on the way, e.

JeremiahASV. Formerly we were accustomed to living in a country with freedom to worship God, where leaders invoked the Bible, the name of God, and revered the God of the Bible.

All those freedoms are now being threatened God has blessed us with the freest country ever to exist in which to live. We have lived in wealth without threat from foreign enemies. We have been blessed with justice. Now these blessings are threatened. Many of us feel that we are becoming captives in our own country. It is time for us to seek God in urgent prayer. Let us confess our sins, recognize the flaws we have as individuals, as a nation and as a church.

Let us commit ourselves to repentance asking God to restore the church, His people, to a place of worship that honors the God who gave us life and blesses His people with liberty.

We have set aside this Sunday, January 17 to fast and pray. Here is a partial list of congregations and groups participating in this fast. Here is a partial list of congregations and groups participating in this fast: Atlanta Independent Church of God; Bible Home Fellowship Jonesboro, AR Bible Sabbath Association; Cana Christian Fellowship Virginia Celebration Church of God Idaho; Christian Church of God Jackson, MS Christian Educational Ministries; Church of God Beth El Nashville Church of God Big Sandy; Church of God Central PA Church of God Cincinnati; Church of God International CGI Dallas Ft.

Stephen Flurry referred to the current situation in his daily radio broadcast, January 13th, as The Darkness Before Dawn. Despite everthing that is happening, they are still looking for a miracle on January 16th, that will enable Donald Trump to serve a second term, as this is necessary to fit in with their view of end-time prophecy.

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Yet it was impossible in March to envision what would and would not happen? The new variant Covid virus is more transmissible, and cases are rising sharply in many countries. Yet Jim Franks has a lot of high hopes and anticipation for ? In acquiring 2, literature requests, this program hosted by Gary Pettysurpassed by the results generated by the previous top-responding program, Are the United States and Britain in the Bible?

which aired on Newsmax TV during the week of November Bible Sabbath Association The BSA has a brand new booklet available for FREE download: How Did Sunday Become the First Day of the Week?

Online hookup apps near palmdale ca

by Kelly McDonald, Jr. In this work you will learn the four factors that contributed to this development, which impacted the seventh-day Sabbath. Acknowledged, there will always be a need for in-house magazines and newsletters and certainly an excellent reason for controlled publications whose purpose is to preach the gospel.

The brethren are free to read a paper like The Journal, which means they are free to fellowship with their brethren, wherever they may be.

That, brethren, is encouraging evidence of at least a kind of unity. If we are more free to fellowship with our brethren, surely we are more unified. We have also wanted to provide a forum for people to air their points of view on doctrinal issues, who would never have been able to while in our former affiliation. You have not needed to have ministerial credentials or approval to get an article published in THE JOURNAL. Our basic requirement was civility in your presentation.

On Friday, 1st of January, there will be a Current Events Discussion on the video by Catherine Austin Fitts, Planet Lockdownfrom a Biblical perspective. Lifenets International Beverly Kubik writes: As the year draws to an end we want to share with you some of the highlights. What a year it has been! It has actually been a good one for LifeNets and we want to wholeheartedly thank our donors who have generously supported LifeNets scholarships and projects.

You have provided us with the ability to keep up with our commitments to help as we are able. Thank you for your prayers and interest over the past year. As you can see in these stories, our supporters have made a life-changing difference in the lives of these people.

Thank you for your support.

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With love and appreciation to all of you, Beverly Kubik, LifeNets President. Kenya Hands of Hope Bill Goff writes, 25th of December Haron Mokoro is one of the humblest persons I have ever worked with.

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He has suffered for the work for a long time, from motor bike accidents while headed to visit various groups but recovered from all of them. He was robbed numerous times, even had his neck cut two different times, as the robbers attempted to cut his throat again he was protected, only sustained minor injuries and no funds were lost to the thieves. One time while visiting brethren in Bomet, Kenya, thieves placed a bag with some kind of chemicals over his head rendering him unconscious they were looking to kill him and sell his organs to the local hospital.

BUT once again he was protected, thanks to the prayers you have been lifting up for him. He also suffers from Leukemia, so your prayers for him are much appreciated.

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The work day in Kenya consists of 12 hour shift, so he is presently guarding our camp each night from 6pm till 6am. He has to stay alert, because there are many thieves that prowl around at night looking for easy pickings.

We have had attempted robbery numerous times, the latest was on November 25th at 3am, three men stormed our front gate. They were pretty powerful and strong because they managed to breach the steel gate and enter the compound.

Although he sustained a broken arm. The entire camp has its perimeter walled seven feet high with broken glass on top another requirement of the Kenyan Government. But it is your prayers that continue to protect us time and time again. Praise God for that. Philadelphia Church of God PCG posted the following on December 23rd: Servant Leaders Tomorrow morning, 83 ministers and their wives will listen to Pastor General Gerald Flurry deliver the first lecture of the Philadelphia Church of God ministerial conference.

Fifteen ministers are unable to attend in person due to coronavirus restrictions and other obstacles, but will hopefully be able to receive recordings. In Edmond, 42 ministers from Canada, the United Kingdom, the Philippines, South Africa and 13 American states will hear 28 hours of lectures over four days from Mr.

Flurry and other leading ministers about how to better serve thousands of PCG members and contacts around the world. to a. half hour. So, for less expense we are reaching a larger audience. There are additional people in those nations that we have not counted who have expressed interest, but not enough to be counted by our leaders yet. Furthermore, we have groups or individuals in Algeria, Bangladesh, Brazil, Burundi, Nigeria, Peru, and South Africa who have stated that they are or want to be with us that we have not been able to visit and have not counted.

There is also a significant group in France that we have long maintained a relationship with, but they have not committed to being in CCOG. Overall, we have supporters in at least 30 nations. While there have been some small losses of congregants from time to time, the CCOG has grown every year since our corporate declaration December 28, The Continuing Church of God has been the fastest growing of all COG groups in the 21st century whose main leaders were once part of the old Worldwide Church of God.

Not at all. But I absolutely do not believe that at all. Trump will weather this storm too. Regardless of what the media says or how things look right now, I am confident Donald Trump will remain president. The main prophecies are in the book of Kings and in Amos 7, and several other passages speak more generally about America under his leadership.

God cannot lie! These end-time prophecies must be and will be fulfilled! It is about Mr. Trump, and much of it is yet unfulfilled! The advertisements will appeartimes within the body text of articles on Newsmax and 83, times as a banner on Real Clear Politics.

Online marketing staff member Edwin Trebels, who is coordinating the campaign under Evangelist Stephen Flurry and United Kingdom-Europe Regional Director Brad Macdonald, said that the Sunday e-mail was personally approved by the Newsmax chief executive officer, Christopher Ruddy, and noted that he is a confidant of President Donald Trump.

Newsmax is a rapidly rising competitor to the largest politically conservative media empire, Fox News, especially after Fox biased some of its main presidential election coverage toward Democrat candidate Joe Biden. com homepage currently reaches. The Newsmax homepage component reaches 7. The campaign is currently scheduled to run through December 8. Trebels said he is gathering advertising information for other conservative news websites for reference in the future. He had served in the ministry for 34 years as a local elder, pastor, regional director and member of the Council of Elders.

LCG hopes to be able to re-schedule both events for later this winter. Both the United Church of God and the Church of God a Worldwide Association have previously cancelled their Christmas weekend plans. Sadly, Burma was in lock-down with the second wave. Churches were closed with attendance limitations. In JawkTaing, SengAung and SengPan made special food and shared this with 18 families that were not allowed to come to the church compound.

Inserted with each food package were the Feast sermon notes! What was awesome was that they also shared this special food with their neighbors that are not in the church. We THANK YOU, Fellow Laborers, for helping so many brethren who, in turn, shared their special FOT food with others. Jesus also gave bread and fishes. But it does get a little tiresome, having a lot of tripe jammed down the throats of us all.

Everything else will come with a warning or be banned from their platforms. My first reaction is to rebel against their authoritarian tendencies, and admittedly the envelope has been pushed. But the stakes are high. The idea that foreigners in lavender headgear and too much makeup will not only lecture us, but have their socialist sensibilities forced upon a nation that may well be the last bastion of freedom on earth is a reprehensible thought.

My Dad founded an organization based on the FREE MORAL AGENCY of the individual.

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Having said that, we all want the best for those we love and it surely looks as if everything we value in this human life is about to be lost. This is the highest-ever response and the lowest cost-per response for any Beyond Today television program - going back to when telecasting of our programs first began on commercial television!

The escalation in Newsmax TV viewership was instrumental in dramatically boosting Beyond Today Internet response. Obviously we are extremely pleased with the overall development, while thanking our great God for it and praying it continues.

That is what God says to us spiritually. That is the opposite of the total trust God is building in His people. This is about eternal life and eternal death. They will compare us to cults like Jim Jones, which committed mass suicide. This chapter is about the sons of Zadok.

It is important for all of us - especially the sons of Zadok today - to understand what is revealed in this chapter. This new revelation came two days after our youth arrived for the Summer Educational Program and two days after the last performance of our recent Irish dance production, Celtic Throne. God timed this precisely to show how important our youth are to Him!

It will change your life and change this Church! You could see this in our Irish dance production of Celtic Throne.

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On the stage we had a throne with Herbert W. Everything revolved around that throne and stone. And he shall turn the heart of the fathers to the children, and the heart of the children to their fathers; lest I come and smite the earth with a curse. Malachi This is the harshest warning in the Bible.

If you ever see that in your life, run from it. Ask God for help. If it reveals itself like that, we need to see how ugly it really is. Living Church of God Gerald Weston reports a big increase in the number of people wanting to attend services, as a result of a change of approach, no longer vetting new people so much.

We have changed the way, what we require of people when they ask about Sabbath services. For example, when they go online, we used to ask a lot of questions that were unnecessary. It all started with ministerial counseling. We both developed feelings for each other in that process. We have been dating exclusively for the last four months. We plan to marry in a private wedding with only our immediate families on November This is a major step forward!

This will give subscribers more regular contact with the Church. We will drop four pages, from 36 down to 32, and make some other alterations, but overall there will be more content each year. that LCG now has significant personnel needs? Disquiet among employees is not recent but goes back to the time of Roderick Meredith, who employed members of his family in positions which appeared not to be merited.

One stayed in hospital for a couple of days, owing to underlying health problems, otherwise all are fine. It is impossible to know for certain where they contracted the virus - whether at the festival or afterwards. Only about half of those [15] said they displayed symptoms.

He stated that nearly were in attendance and hundreds watched online. He said it went well and that there were a lot of families there. As there were a lot of families, there should have been ample space for social distancing. The Living Church of God Branson 3 site reportedly suffered an infection rate in double figures.

It was much happy moments. We meet up with different people and enjoyed wonderful meals which came through you, and various angry stomachs were fed.

We had different speakers who spoke from various biblical topic to enlighten and keep us focused on soon coming Son of God who is our Savior the Lord Jesus Christ who will soon establish the Kingdom of God here in earth. We also had ten FOT sites in various parts of the country, and we thank almighty God for good health provision.

Among the sites we had no COVID19 or other diseases case. We were much congested but God protected us. Widows and orphans got much advantage for getting well balanced diet meals. For 8 days we show healthy changes among most poor brethren who came skin and bone. We appreciate for offering us nice and cool sleeping places, through KHOH providing building we were able to accommodate more visitors. The old man from South Mogirango was first time enjoyed a hot shower which has never experienced it for the last 80 years.

It was wonderful and happy time various brethren enjoyed new environment. Again with aid of rocket stoves from idea of elder William Goff helped mothers to make nice coffee and tea within short period of time.

Thank you Donors for Feast of Tabernacles support and may God bless you. Mokoro Haron. Restored Church of God An ex-RCG member began uploading sermons by David Pack onto Youtube, beginning with the Day of Trumpets. Pack has now had these videos removed, but the content of his latter sermons has been leaked.

Why should he want his announcements concerning the soon coming of Jesus Christ to be suppressed?

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Even longer than Mr. Pack thought. He also spoke about the 6 or 7 who had left in the Spring - despite believing absolutely that the RCG is the True Church of God - but they had the audacity to tell him that they could lead the church more correctly.

COG Assembly was, however, able to arrange larger facilities elsewhere, yet at the same prices. A number of COG Assembly congregations have already been formed, several having over 50 attending.

Sermons and sermonettes from its Sabbath services are being uploaded weekly to its Youtube channeland there is now a skeleton website. Several hundred people have registered for the Festival of Tabernacles. Rosh Hashana Thursday, September 17th, was the day of the conjunction and thus the 1st day of the 7th month for some.

The Hebrew calendar is calculated from the conjunction i. The new moon was sighted from Israel on Friday evening by several reliable observers. To allow each member to make their own personal choice to wear or not wear a mask during the song service.

Regardless of whether a person sits in a mask-free section or not, all attendees will be required to wear a mask during hymns. This decision allows for the greatest number of people to attend live services and feel safe to be there, since singing is considered to spread the COVID virus far more than speaking. United Church of God The festival site in Midland, Ontario, has been cancelled. This will help us to properly adjust for social distancing for services and for the masking ordinance currently in place for the city of Branson.

We are permitted to remove masks during services, but expected to use them in entering and moving around in the theater and in all other local businesses. Alaskan Seaside Feast has changed location to the Diamond M Ranch Resort in Kenai. Points of Truth Ministries We will be hosting Tabernacles at our church building in Russellville, Arkansas, and some will be camping on Mount Nebo.

We will resume at Camp Wyldewood in Searcy in Church of God Toledo has cancelled its festival site in Walnut Creek, Ohio. Its members will be attending with the United Church of God at its satellite site in nearby Berlin.

Intercontinental Church of God The festival site at Nelson Bay, New South Wales, Australia, has been cancelled due to Covid restrictions. United Church of God The Winter Family Weekend has been cancelled. Major factors leading to that decision include the difficult restrictions of the sports facilities, hotels and the State that would have made it almost impossible for us to assemble together. We are certainly disappointed but look forward to getting together next year for Winter Family Weekend.

Living Church of God Gerald Weston and his Council of Elders are so worried about the high number of people who are following Sheldon Monson, that they have posted 3 study guides on face coverings and singing: 1. Singing, Masks, Livestreaming, and Faithby Mr. Wallace Smith.

Does Psalm 81 contain a commandment for singing? by Mr. Dexter Wakefield. Masks and Singing - Is one forbidden at Sabbath Services while the other is commanded? Peter Nathan. Are hundreds of people really leaving solely over this issue - or is it a symptom of a wider problem, the inflexible authoritarianism of Gerald Weston?

If you do that, you are doing so at your own peril. He said that the meeting space booked will hold up to people, and they would not have to wear masks and could sing. The situation outside the meeting hall is different. Due to our concern for public health and the well-being of our guests and associates, we have adjusted our normal operations in order to promote social distancing. Church of God a Worldwide Association Owing to the Covid restriction on numbers, only 4 sites are currently open: Erlanger, Kentucky near Cincinnati airport ; Myrtle Beach, South Carolina; Kerrville, Texas; and Post Falls, Idaho.

Post Falls has been added this week to replace Victoria, British Columbia, which was cancelled because of the closure of the Canadian border. The venue in Post Falls had been booked by a small local church, the Pacific Church of Go who cancelled in July due to the pandemic.

Sheldon Monson has chosen to leave the Living Church of God ministry, walking contrary to the wisdom of the Council of Elders, which did their best in a loving manner to help him see he was on the wrong path Recent events indicate he has made the further decision to start his own work, effectively causing division within some families and congregations. We must therefore inform you that Mr. Sheldon Monson is, by his actions, causing division, and according to scripture, we are to take note of such individuals and avoid contact with them.

Yes it is an option, in the sense of you have to make up your mind what to do.

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Why do I have to dress up and go all the way over here? What is he worried that his members might be doing? Sheldon Monson and Jason Fritts have been fired from the ministry of Living Church of God, for wanting face coverings to be removed in church services so that their congregations could sing hymns. There would normally have been little public comment by the leadership, but this time it was necessary because Sheldon Monson was widely respected and had been a member of the Council of Elders for many years.

Then the Sabbath service on August 8thstreamed live to all congregations - sermonette from Wallace Smith and sermon from Gerald Weston - was devoted to explaining why church members are required to obey all leadership decisions, and therefore comply with the new temporary normal in hymn singing, i. Did God ordain you with the responsibility to decide where Christ is going to place His name?

Festival of Tabernacles : ated August 25th Church of God International UK is delighted to be able to hold a small Feast of Tabernacles in a rural setting in the county of Suffolk. It promises to be an ideal setting for our small group, and we are very thankful to God for providing such a peaceful and picturesque venue at such short notice in these ugradjenje-opremanje.comecedented times.

There is space for a few more visitors so please contact us if you desire to worship with us, but please bear in mind accommodation on site is already fully reserved. NorthWest Church of God aka Maranatha Ministry The Feast Of Tabernacles is still ON here in Scotland.

The brethren of the NorthWest Church will be keeping the feast at what has become our usual feast siteLinnhe Lochside Holidays, Corpach, Fort William, Scotland. The site shop is also closed. If you rent a lodge or a static caravan, then these restrictions will not affect you, although now, you will have to walk into Corpach about half a mile or so if you run out of milk etc.

United Church of God This is the link for Covid regulations at the various UCG sites in the USA Osoyoos, BC, Canada To those who have registered for this site: British Columbia Health Services has issued a Mass-Gatherings restriction of 50 persons per event. So this year we have no choice but reset Osoyoos Lake as a regional feast site. It is now only available to BC residents. We are very saddened to have to do this. The following n ew sites are open for registration : Gatlinburg, Tennessee; St.

George, Utah; plus two sites that were previously only satellite sites: Rapid City, South Dakota; Tucson, Arizona. England The festival in SouthportLancashire, has been cancelled. Estonia Due to citizens from the United States and other countries being restricted from entering any European Union nation, the Festival in Estonia is canceled.

France We are unable to provide English translation of services and arrange for shuttles and tours. We therefore request our international visitors to make alternative arrangements for the Feast this year. French-speaking, European brethren will be keeping the Feast in Roquebrune-sur-Argens as planned. Italy The Italian government for preventative measures has now extended the state of emergency to 15 October This means that U.

Also, any U. citizen attempting to enter Italy through other European countries would be put in quarantine or sent back. Therefore, if you are a U. citizen who has registered for the Festival in Italy, your names are being canceled from our Italian festival site and you should quickly register at a UCG festival site within the United States.

Australia The Sunshine Coast Feast site has essentially become a local site. All who enter the country must go through a mandatory day isolation. New Zealand Local members plan to attend the Feast at Lake Taupo, since internal COVID restrictions have been removed. The international border is still firmly shut and no international visitors are likely to be allowed into New Zealand, so this has essentially become a local site. The Philippines will not be able to have face-to-face meetings.

A national webcast is being planned to provide services each day to members scattered across the islands. International visitors are not allowed into the Philippines at this time. Sri Lanka International travel is not advisable. We are still planning to observe the Feast of Tabernacles at the Habarana Village by Cinnamon, for local brethren only.

Brazil Cancelled. In Rio de Janeiro, deposits are valid for Feast South Africa Likely will be held for local brethren only. The borders are closed and inter-provincial travel is currently prohibited, with church services limited to 50 people or less. We are going ahead with planning the Feast at Mossel Bay for members in South Africa, and will continue to adjust plans as the Feast gets closer.

Grenada It will not be possible to hold the Feast in Grenada this year. According to the sales manager for the Royalton Grenada Beach Resort, the Royalton is ready, but the Grenadian government is proceeding very cautiously in opening the country to overseas visitors especially from the USA and Canadaand she does not foresee it happening until Church of God, a Worldwide Association Originally, we had U.

members registered for Victoria and 74 for Quebec, but because of the border closing, we have canceled Victoria and will limit Quebec to Canadians. For those in the northwestern part of the U. who were planning to attend in Victoria, we are in the process of locating a new site that should be announced in a few more days. We are also making alternate plans for the members in western Canada who cannot travel to Quebec.

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In the case of other international Festival sites, most will now become local sites, since people from outside the individual countries will not be able to travel to those countries. This list includes France, England, New Zealand, Fiji, Australia, India, Sri Lanka, South Africa, the Philippines, and all countries in Latin America and the Caribbean.

If you live in the U. and were planning to travel outside the country for the Feast this year, we advise you to make other plans. However, we are working on an exciting alternative that everyone can safely participate in, Virtual Sukkot!

We will travel to various locations where you are safe-distancing in your camp, and do a live teaching from your Sukkah! The Tulsa Church of God will be the new location for the Feast of Tabernacles celebration this year.

The same leadership team and the same Spirit will be at work in the planning and providing for the festival. The CGI has also decided to cancel its festivals in Maryland and at Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, one of the major destinations for feastgoers.

Yes, we do know of a handful of people who are said to have tested positive. But none of them died, and for some it was a matter of something like the common cold.

For others we know it was like a bad flu, but they survived it and are doing fine. Nevertheless, every news report claims a new spike in cases, and proceeds to lecture that you must be afraid. You must proceed with fear, assuming you proceed at all. Of particular concern was the one at Land Between the Lakes. But that was a false alarm and we are secure in that location. Beshear announced that the Cabinet for Health and Family Services has issued a new order that pulls back on guidance covering social, non-commercial mass gatherings.

On June 29, the original guidance was eased to allow for gatherings of 50 or fewer people. Guardian Ministries The Caribbean Cruise for the festival has had to be cancelled. It will now be in Prescott, Arizona, where it was held in Pacific Church of God has cancelled its festival site in Idaho.

The Great Tribulation is upon us. But the world is asleep. Are YOU asleep too? In this program Standing Watch - see abovewe just focus on ONE prophesied sign of the wrath to come upon mankind - the severed bond of friendship between the USA and Europe under German leadership. This hostility will lead soon to a nuclear world war during which the USA will be DESTROYED.

Will its enemies need a nuclear war? Continuing Church of God Bob Thiel has launched a second website: cg7. org - Church of God 7th Day Sabbath Observing Christianswhich is very similar to cog7. org - then explaining the doctrinal errors of other groups, and promoting the CCOG.

Gerald Flurry has written an article for the July-August issue of the Royal Vision magazine - a foundational lesson we must learn in order to build up the throne of David. The magazine article includes a correction box, explaining that his level of authority in the church is far above that of the other ministers. Peter, as chief apostle, had the sole authority to make judgments and decisions, or policies, that affected the entire Church.

The context of Matthew 18 shows that other ministers were given authority to bind and loose in order to make judgments, or decisions, regarding people in the Church who were not getting along as they should see Matthew This is similar to a declaration by Herbert Armstrong in : The title, and the keys, passed from chief apostle to chief apostle, from Peter to Peter. Each chief apostle was the new Peter.

Now I am the chief apostle, and I am the Peter. Whatever I bind is bound in heaven, and whatever I loose is loosed in heaven. The Day of Pentecost is now on Sunday. But, since I had made the decision to observe Pentecost on Monday, for years the Day of Pentecost was actually on Monday. He writes on page of his book, The New Throne of David : In the past, when God has given me new revelation, words flowed into my mind and entered my thought process, often leading me to certain scriptures.

But with the revelation about the new stone and throne, it was different. This time, I heard a strong voice. It was more powerful. It really startled me, as I think it would anyone.

That was the first time I had ever experienced anything like that. That voice left me somewhat shaken, but in a good way. After studying, I began to see that Jesus Christ was establishing a new throne, just like that voice had said. I began to find all the scriptures and put them together. You can do the same thing: This book goes through many scriptures that prove this truth. But when you put all this evidence together, it proves that I really did hear a voice from God!

The proof is all laid out in the Bible. It requires study, prayer and meditation on your part. There are also voices coming from the devil. Voices from God or the devil? Without clear government, authority and leadership, you have murmuring and problems; that is human nature. Church of God a Worldwide Association Covid ate, 16th July When we began reopening services, the number of COVID cases was dropping, and it appeared that the end of this threat was in sight that is no longer the case.

While some states mostly in the Northeast have continued to show declines, to date, 35 states are reporting an increase in cases, and in some states the daily increase has more than doubled in less than a month.

In some major cities the hospitals are quickly reaching capacity. When we began to reopen in May, only 10 states had a face mask requirement. Currently, 47 states have such a mandate Only three states have no mandates for face coverings at all - Iowa, Montana and South Dakota. But even these three strongly recommend wearing a face covering when you are in a group, especially in a closed room.

The fact that all 50 states are in agreement on a health issue, including all national and state health agencies, has caused us to consider what our approach should be for face coverings while at church services.

After considerable thought and discussion, the administration of the Church has reached the decision that face coverings shields or masks will be required for all our services. There are three reasons for this decision: 1. It is our desire to follow the state requirements and recommendations. In some states churches are exempt, but not all. Given the change that has occurred in the past two months, we believe that we should abide by these requirements and recommendations.

It is our desire to create the safest environment possible in all our congregations. We believe we should err on the side of caution. It is our desire to promote unity in all our congregations. Given the fact that most of the United States is still fighting the virus and that cases are increasing, we believe that all our congregations should be united in our approach to stopping the spread of the virus.

As more and more cases are identified, we are seeing more members becoming infected. For the past two weeks, we have been informed of two or three cases each week. So far, all have been mild. In three cases we canceled services for two weeks, per our protocol, to make sure no one else was infected. Because of these factors, the Church is issuing the following combined statement from the administration and the Ministerial Board of Directors: Effective this Sabbath, July 18,and until further notice, we are asking that everyone over the age of 10 this is the age set for Texas - please check with state and local authorities for the age requirement in your area in attendance at one of our services come with a mask, a cloth face covering or a face shield where accepted by state or local authorities.

We are asking that you wear them coming in to services, while fellowshipping prior to and after services, while exiting the room, and while singing. As long as the seating allows for a minimum of 6 feet separation, there is no need to wear them while seated during the actual service unless required by the facility or governmental authority.

Where local restrictions are more restrictive, we should comply with the local or state mandates. If you have a medical condition that prevents you from wearing a mask, please consider using a plastic face shield instead recommended by the CDC if you have such a condition.

But if this is not possible because of your condition, you will not be required to wear a face covering. Please inform your pastor if this is your situation. Wearing a face covering or a face shield does not replace the need to maintain the social distance of 6 feet between you and other members who are not part of your immediate family. We should also, for the time being, refrain from hugging and shaking hands.

If you are sick, we request that you stay at home and not attend services until you are well. If you have symptoms of the COVID virus, then you should be tested to determine if you are infected, and if the test is positive, you should quarantine at home for at least 14 days. You should also notify your pastor as to the last time you attended services prior to the development of symptoms and subsequent positive test.

also video by Jim Franks. Doug Horchak has announced that the festival sites in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, are now full. Of the 5 remaining sites in the USA, 3 are satellite venues. is in Latin America. As of this date, none of our congregations in this region are able to meet for services, but must rely solely on webcasts.

And, sadly, several governments there are stating that in-person services may not be permitted until September, if then! If this is correct, we will be facing issues with the Feast of Tabernacles in Latin America that we have never faced before. United Church of God Festival of Tabernacles Announcement, 8th July USA At this time most of the U. Feast sites will be able to accommodate the registered number of people for that specific site.

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However, yet to be determined is whether social distancing will be mandated at some sites. There is also the possibility that some states might require wearing masks during Church services. Three U. Feast sites are under consideration for cancellation or reducing attendance to accommodate social distancing. A decision on those sites will be announced next week, as negotiations are still in progress.

With a few hundred Americans not being able to attend the Feast internationally, it might be necessary to open up a couple of new sites. Right now there is enough room to accommodate all U. Montana, Texas and probably Daytona Beach have ample room for additional people and will probably be less restrictive at Feast time. Webcasting daily live services will be available in at least two different time zones.

Brazil It is with great regret that a decision has been made to close the Buzios Feast site in Brazil due to both current COVID travel restrictions to Brazil as well as the continued postponement of facilities opening up in Brazil. The hotel has agreed to the same terms and conditions, and all who have booked this year will have their deposits valid for next year.

Canada The first week of August, all Canadian sites will announce the details of expected restrictions, if any, and the schedule of activities so members can make a decision as to whether they want to attend that site under those conditions. Some members may prefer to attend a site that is more open and normal. Some members might feel safer at services where social distancing and masks are required.

All that information will be available to review. France Given continued travel restrictions, as well as our limited human resources, we regret to announce that the Feast in France this year is unable to provide English translation of services, as well as make arrangements for shuttles and tours, and must thus request our international visitors to make alternative arrangements for the Feast this year.

We are saddened by this necessary change, and look forward, God willing, to being able to host international brethren in France once again next year.

Italy Due to travel restrictions into Europe, citizens from the United States might not be able to attend the Feast in Italy. Travel restrictions between Italy and the USA will be ated every two weeks on the Italian Feast webpage. Travel restrictions may ease in August, but with so much uncertainty those restrictions might continue into October.

While there are many competing theories about the Covid 19 virus - its dangers, the effectiveness of wearing masks, etc. I am receiving reports of congregations that re-opened and then closed again because many in one case, all of their members, soon became very ill.

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As your District Superintendent has already communicated in his own similar messages, the leaders of each congregation have the authority to decide when to re-open and they bear the responsibilities for their decisions.

Senior citizens and individuals with other health issues appear most vulnerable. Please take care of these people. Social distancing, the wearing of masks when in proximity to others outside of our immediate families, bumping elbows instead of shaking hands or hugging, washing our hands every time we turn around - what a hassle! But even if we eventually discover that all of this was unnecessary, for now it is the loving thing to do.

Self-sacrifice is at the heart of Christ-like love, right? In every circumstance, Focus on Jesus and Follow His Plan.

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Festival of Tabernacles Owing to Covid, the following festival sites have been moved: Church of God International: from Arkansas to Springfield, Missouri. Common Faith Network: from Fort Walton Beach to Miramar Beach, Florida.

Truth on the Web Ministries: from Kentucky to Lake Delton, Wisconsin Dells. The Seasons of Our Joy festival in Texas has been cancelled. Our Festival of Tabernacles page has been ated. In it he rejected the way Mr. Armstrong had governed the WCG; he said the Church had seriously misunderstood church government. You, yourself, find it difficult and perhaps impossible to TAKE what you dished out. Dozens of ministers would testify to that. You rubbed the fur the wrong way! That has been your life-style!

Armstrong was not loving, not shepherding, not servant leadership, not brotherly, but dominated by one man towering over the others in a threatening atmosphere. What is the testimony of PCG members who have left? exercising authority over the others. In order to make sense of this contradiction, we must look at what Herbert Armstrong taught about church government before he set up Ambassador College, where Roderick Meredith was one of his first students.

I n an article for the Good News magazine inDid Christ Reorganize The Church? In the later number we shall devote an article to explaining Acts 15, which certainly sets no such example.

There is NO SCRIPTURE for it! But there is NO BIBLE AUTHORITY for any super-government, or organization with authority over the local congregations! Spiritual BABYLON - that is, ROME! The same as nearly all other false doctrines of Satan.

Armstrong was gone, Mr. Meredith tried to spin a confusing and deceitful web. He said Mr. Armstrong supposedly knew God did not work through one man. In his booklet, Mr. Meredith said he and fellow minister Herman Hoeh were largely responsible for the top-down government Mr. Armstrong adopted. Meredith and Mr. Hoeh were the ones responsible for helping Mr.

Armstrong set up the government structure. He wrote that as long as there was a dedicated man like Mr. Armstrong at the top, a hierarchical government would best preserve unity. Armstrong accepted these articles and immediately published them in the Good News. So Herbert Armstrong was the modern day Peter? Among the twelve there must have been such a spirit of peace and love that they had perfect harmony without jealousy in equality of rank and office.

Mark Luke Luke There are many other Good News articles on the HWA Library website about church government that contradict what Herbert Armstrong originally taught, e.

congratulate, the remarkable

Does God Have a Headquarters Church Today? Herman Hoeh, October Should you assemble without a minister?

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He wrote again on this subject in MarchOctober and June How Far Does Church Government Extend Into Your Life? Herman Hoeh, January How Church Government Really WorksRoderick Meredith - March Please permit me to explain why. I thought this Covid thing was slowing down. In fact, Nancy and I were thinking of having one of our infamous July 4th blow-out bashes at our house this year.

The church brethren are chomping at the bit and were ready to party. Nancy even had bail money set aside. But the Covid numbers in Texas are now spiking! Now, I did not expect this. I thought things would be Improving over the summer with all this warmer weather. Instead, Nancy and I are going to continue with our cautious lifestyle. We have not been to church since early March. We have not been to a restaurant or a movie or anything since early March. We even do curbside pick-up for our groceries.

And, when we venture out, we always do social distancing while wearing masks.

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We do this not only because our age puts us in a high-risk bracket. We also go thru this because there is NO WAY Nancy is going to put the grandbabies, Winston and Spencer, in jeopardy. Ideal symbiotic relationship. Well, we have noticed that this real estate business is blowing and going these days.

The couple who own it are real go-getters. We admire their work ethic. And we are happy for their success. But, at this time, we are uncomfortable going into the studio with all the increased business traffic the couple has been blessed with.

So we are going to put SOS on hold for a few weeks to see how the Covid plays out in Texas. Please keep us in your prayers. Thanks for your understanding. The outcomes strike at the heart of key fundamental biblical teachings on how gender - male and female - is defined. Experts note that the ruling will likely result in a dramatic adverse effect on religious and other freedoms in the United States. While championed by some as a victory for individual rights, it is anything but that.

The far-reaching decision handed down by the U. Supreme Court dramatically - and inappropriately - expands legal definitions contained in Civil Rights legislation enacted well over half a century ago.

The original legislation itself was devoid of any of the language or intent now artificially attached to it. How did this come about? The Court reviewed an appeal of a controversial case - Bostock v. The Supreme Court Answers. Christian Educational Ministries Due to the COVID virus there is a dusk-to-dawn curfew in Kenya with no meetings allowed, thus no weekly church services. The Kenyan government closed all schools and universities including Wisdom Academy.

The high school students have returned to the orphanage and are doing their studies via TV. The college students returned and are keeping up with their classes online.

So far, we have not had any cases of the virus and the children remain healthy. Police brutality is rampant and people are being shot if found outside after curfew. He told them that these people were simply all of the orphans and staff.

They were satisfied with his explanation of the situation and told him all of the orphans should be wearing masks. Masks are being made by the two women who had been sent to tailoring school. Recently, 18 church families have been displaced by rains and mud slides that destroyed their homes. If you would like more information, please visit Tabitha Outreach Foundation. Michael Porter leads the Christian outreach in Benin Republic and adjoining countries. He then came into contact with Margaret Dyer.

Margaret Dyer-Forster sponsored the Born to Win program on CAPP FM from until January Due to life-changes she can no longer do this. We thank the individuals who stepped up in to sponsor the radio program for the past two years.

As the only Sabbath radio outreach in the whole region, I am praying that God will provide sponsors through CEM for this life changing radio outreach for at least another year or two. The majority of Feast applicants have confirmed to attend the Feast in Sabaudia, because the COVID lockdown in Italy is now almost over.

The northern Italian regions like Lombardy, Veneto and Piedmont were the ones hit by the coronavirus, but today they have almost zero infection. The regions in south and central Italy, such as Tuscany, Latium, Rome and our feast site Sabaudia have zero virus infection at present. In fact, our feast hotel with its sandy beach is already preparing for the summer season, which is very encouraging. In June the borders will be open again allowing airlines to land at the FCO airport near Rome and Sabaudia.

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We realize that this may not be the case in your country by the time of the Feast or the pre-Feast. Therefore, to protect your money, we have come to an exceptional agreement with the Feast hotel which is outlined in the email you should have recently received regarding your registration. In any case, our advice is that you should travel to Italy only if you really want to celebrate the feast of God with us in Italy and if you are willing to eventually comply with the sanitary precautions - although these may be no longer necessary by October.

Therefore, if you have not yet done so, we remind you to secure your bookings as soon as possible through our feastinitaly. org website for either the Feast of Tabernacles or the pre-Feast Tours in Tuscany. If you have already chosen another destination for the feast, please let us know. The members in South East Asia are still looking forward to the Feast this year, and they also eagerly anticipate restrictions being lifted with the hope of resuming a full Feast site in Penang in Because we are not yet able to make plane reservations, GOSPA has agreed to NO penalty for canceling hotel registrations.

Travel has already opened up between the Baltic countries - Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania for the local citizenry. We are quite hopeful that the Feast of Tabernacles will go on as planned. Osoyoos Lake, British Columbia, is now full, but the other U. and Canadian Festival of Tabernacles sites are all still open. The festival site in the Netherlands has been cancelled. Even though we will be limited to people at the Feast, the hotel has also informed us that our costs for various services hall rent, etc.

will not be reduced accordingly. When the UCG-Netherlands National Council decided last September to host a Dutch feast site, the decision was based on a cost calculation with people in attendance and the expenses being covered in part by our many international guests. For that reason, as much as we regret it, we have decided to cancel the Dutch feast site in Zandvoort.

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