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And something else. Their bodies were pulled together by the singular urge to survive, to transcend beyond death in the bodies of those yet to be. It was the most powerful force in the universe. How could she resist it?

Jaune blinked his eyes open as the drunk old fool slammed his fists against the door. He wearily looked at the clock. He grumbled incoherently to himself.

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Clover sent Jaune an apologetic look. Qrow Branwen was a bit of a local legend. Semi-retired, semi-respected business owner, total prick. Qrow had a lean, impressive physique, made even more impressive by the fact that he seemed to subsist entirely on alcohol.

He was wearing his trademarked gray sports coat and black pants combo, which would look dapper if not for the liquor stains running down its length. Jaune looked down. The blue footie pajamas he was wearing did nothing to hide his monstrous erection or the growing stain at the front of his crotch.

Jaune looked nonplussed. Jaune shook his head in embarrassment. We have plenty of yoga mats. Jaune sighed. Clover put one hand on the lights while making a come hither gesture. The blond followed the older man out of the room as the old crow drifted off. I have some gym clothes in my locker upstairs.

Luckily for both of them, Clover had the patience of a saint. Outside the office he lived in were heavy weights- barbells and dumbbells and bench presses and squat racks. By 5 the gym was technically open, but only a few of the hardcore early birds would come in.

The good looking women typically came in later and kept to the brighter floors above instead of the dimly lit testosterone filled pit in the basement.

Jaune had been having increasingly vivid dreams and his sex drive was getting more and more out of control with each passing day.

Consider, that local casual sex near arcadia consider

By getting up when no women were around and pushing his body to its absolute limits, the pain and exhaustion would keep his libido in check for at least a little while. Lately, even that had started to fail him.

More testosterone meant an even bigger sex drive, which meant more strenous exercise to force it down, which meant bigger muscles, and the vicious cycle continued. Jaune was essentially trying to put out a fire with gasoline. Not only was it incredibly annoying to be lectured on fashion at 5 in the morning, but Jaune suspected that Clover might be gay.

Did not want to lead by far his nicest co-worker on in any way, and b. Was viscerally disgusted at anything resembling another man checking him out. Jaune got to the locker room and began stripping down, before remembering Clover was there and moving his eyes between him and the door. Just remember, Qrow and I both owe you a favor for this. All you ever need to do is ask.

The initial irritation of his morning had faded enough for some guilt to set in. Jaune then dipped into the shower for a quick rinse before throwing on a hoodie and some sweatpants. He had damn good reason to wear such baggy clothes. For one thing, they did a serviceable job hiding his frequent erections during the day. For another, working out in them worked up a sweat even faster, which helped exhaust him efficiently. When Jaune made his way back into the pit, only a few older guys were there.

He claimed an empty bench and rack and started working. Bench press, 12 reps. Squat, 12 reps, Pull ups, 50 reps. Dumbbell overhead press, 15 reps. Flys, 15 reps. Sweat poured down his brow as the iron fluttered up and down. Something was seriously wrong. He upped the weight, more than any rational person ever should. He started benching lbs. For reps. Jaune ignored the voices of the growing number of gym bros.

He had grown up with 7 sisters, and his mother had certainly raised him better than this. Hell, his friends would smack the shit out of him if they ever heard any of the things he called them in his internal monologue.

It made sense, he supposed. Jaune felt the eyes of over a dozen men on him as his consciousness expanded beyond his outburst. The Jaune of even a few weeks ago would have been flushed and stammering out apologies. The new one was mad dogging everyone. The man was balding and soft around the edges- he was a powerlifter past his prime, and though his strength was still there it was obvious just looking at his face that he was hardly chiseled. As he walked over to the only deadlifting bar that was open, his conscience caught up with him.

That was Mr. He had talked to him a few times when he was first starting out, and the man had been incredibly jovial and friendly. Hell, he had helped Jaune learn the basics of his routine, used his experience to spot issues before they could turn into crippling injuries. Basic gym etiquette demanded that you prep the equipment for the next person. For a second his better nature told him to turn around, help the man and salvage the situation.

Then he remembered the eyes of all the men around them, glaring at him. He wanted to cower and curl up into himself. There was a darkness growing inside of him, and if it was bad for the women in his life it was nothing compared to his attitude towards his fellow men. But a man was at best a tool, and at worst a threat. So they had better not cross him. To most of his peers he still came off as the good natured goof that some of them had known since pre-school.

But this aggression, this desire, this hunger, was gnawing at his insides more and more every day. The part of him that was still sane, kind and decent was horrified that the facade might crack, that the people he loved might see the monster lurking just beneath the surface.

Jaune had mindlessly worked his way through several sets, throwing on more and more plates as his thoughts continued to drift. Finally, he reached a weight that took almost everything out of him. His back rippled, his legs sank into the ground, his wrists felt like they might snap under the pressure as his arms were pulled out of his sockets. With a great heave and a mighty roar, he forced himself straight up, dragging the weight with him. He looked into the mirror and saw a towering mountain, face gone red from the strain, with veins popping out on his forehead.

For one glorious moment, everything evaporated except him, and the iron. Jaune once again had the whole weight room looking at him in astonishment.

Jaune set the weight down. Jaune took the offered hand and let the other man shake it. After being prickly the whole morning the least he could do was allow for some camaraderie. But inside he was screaming. He should not be capable of that.

The whole point was to stop thinking, to let the beast wear itself out so he could function in society for a few hours.

Instead, he now had the most experienced strongmen in town looking at him like he had grown a second head. Shock and pride and fear. Primal, animal fear. Burns shook his head in disapproval. You could really hurt yourself. The blond looked over to see Amber Bailey, another of his coworkers, manning the front desk. A part timer and college senior, Amber was a trim young maiden of average height with caramel skin, brown hair and light brown eyes. She had a modest but well cared for figure, a sweet smile and a friendly demeanor.

She was an easy 8. And all his straining downstairs had proven totally useless, because his blood sang as he looked her spandex clad body over. I better be getting overtime for this.

Jaune tried to keep his eyes from wandering. But do we even have gym colors? Reminds me more of your old style. Amber shrugged. He helped get them a contract with Beacon, so you can expect to see this lovely little logo a bit more often.

Jaune was less concerned about the logo and more overwhelmed by the thought of it splayed over the asses of the finest Beacon sluts every day. Weiss, Blake, Pyrrha, Yang, Ruby Nora, if he was being honest, not to mention those hot little senior sluts Coco and Velvet. Perfect bodies on display with nothing left to the imagination.

Jaune pretended to think for a moment. Amber stuck her tongue out at him teasingly. He ruthlessly crushed them. I just live here. Amber rolled her eyes. It was a little risque but something that happened all the time in locker rooms. It could easily be played off as a light hearted joke.

Jaune had taken the opportunity to retaliate, slapping her ass hard, and watching with crude satisfaction as it jiggled under the force. But he was too young for her, she was still in control. Now he stood head and shoulders above her, blue eyes burning with lust, features hard and sharp.

As he pulled her closer in she could smell his shirt, soaked with his sweat, and the pheromones made her mind melt. Jaune squeezed harder, and this time the cute little slut definitely let out a moan, a breathy, wanton sound. Then he released her as fast as he grabbed her.

See you on Thursday, Amber! And while Jaune went outside to sprint himself to death and agonize over his loss of control, all he had left behind was a hot little cunt wondering why daddy had left her.

Then he hopped in the pool and did lap after lap until he nearly drowned. The pool heater had been broken for months and the water felt like it was filled with ice. That, at least, finally put down his erection. He looked like some character out of a Spruce Willis movie, or some Mistrali action cartoon which was totally respectable to watch on Saturday mornings. Jaune had always been fairly tall, but now he was noticeably taller than Qrow and Clover, and almost everyone at school, for that matter.

Broad shoulders and arms with bulging veins surrounded a wide chest which led into a v-tapered torso, with powerful legs and glutes grounding the presentation.

The man before him looked to be in his mid 30s, though the acne criss crossing his body suggested otherwise. The man looked strong, but there was an unnatural quality to his physique.

The man looked at him angrily, before his eyes widened in understanding. I just wanna know. You expect me to believe you put on 4 inches vertical and 50 lbs of muscle in a few months? I can barely believe you fucking did it at all. Jaune slipped into a robe and out of the bathroom before his fellow gym rat thought to look for a family resemblance. Mason Arc had been an unrivaled athlete, a once in a generation talent still talked about as one of the greatest of all time.

A real rags to riches story, he rose from nothing and set unbroken records that lasted to this day, beloved by women and fans and the press. In retirement he seemed to have the golden touch with his investments, securing wealth and comfort for his wife and daughters. And Jaune had half his genes. For his entire life, his father had been an insurmountable measure of manhood, whom he could never surpass, leaving people in open awe at how Jaune could have sprung from his seed.

At the very least, if there was anyone he could ask. Jaune forced a few friendly waves as he walked past some regulars on his way to the office. As he cracked open the door he heard the faint sound of Qrow snoring. The snoring was good proof that his boss was still breathing, because the drunk was sleeping on his own face. With a long suffering sigh, Jaune grabbed his shoulder and flipped the man onto his side, before picking a pillow off the floor and pushing it into his chest to help prop him up.

Qrow grumbled incoherently but kept his eyes closed as he wrapped his arms around the soft, plushy rectangle. Jaune looked at him with a melancholic smile.

He poured out a cup of oatmeal and dropped a few eggs into a pot, before pouring water into both and setting them over the stove top. Then he started lazily munching on an apple. Jaune doubted that it was physically possible for a male to think about Glynda Goodwitch without getting at least a little horny.

Jaune scarfed down his breakfast as soon as it was finished. Then he rinsed his dishes off in the sink, before looking back at Qrow in irritation. He gave reasonable hours and room and board on top of minimum wage, and for all his foibles he genuinely loved his friends and family.

Qrow rolled his eyes before taking slow, measured sips. I guess I do. Qrow, apparently, was not, as the image of Jaune doing anything with his precious little girls was enough to trigger intense nausea, and since Jaune was kneeling right in front of him it hit the blond boy right in the face.

Yang Xiao Long was a patient young woman. Sure, not everyone would agree with that assessment, and she was the first to admit that she had a hell of a temper, but it took a lot to get her going.

Waiting 30 minutes for her ride when her motorbike was sitting right there was a lot. Yang had lobbied hard to get her baby, and she was a good driver. She could get Ruby to school no problem. But Summer Rose was as stubborn as her adoptive daughter. They had a compromise, which was iron law in the land of Xiao Long.

If the forecast hinted at even the possibility of rain, Yang and Ruby were to beg a ride off their friendly neighborhood Arc.

Dad could have taken them to school, since he, you know, taught there, but he liked to go early in the morning to get all his paperwork out of the way, and Yang valued her beauty sleep.

Their mother taught at an elementary school in the opposite direction of Beacon. Yang sighed. She was too kind for that. For a second she considered just breaking the agreement before thunder filled the room and the storm clouds in the window darkened. Yang rushed into the passenger seat, calling shotgun, as always, and slugged her fellow blond in the shoulder.

Jaune turned to her with such a hollow, dead look in his eyes that it made her want to bear hug him and apologize for everything wrong with the world.

Instead she settled for a sardonic grin. The blonde shrugged. Ruby tutted, and began chatting away, which was good, because it allowed Yang to sink into her chair without raising too much attention. Yang gazed into her own reflection as rain began to patter down onto the glass, streaking down the mirror image of her face.

Within a few minutes, they had reached the street where Lie Ren and Nora Valkyrie lived. Ren made his way to the car, slowly and sensibly, under the protection of a fine umbrella. Nora booked it from the side of the street, without much care for the heavy rain, jumping in as Ren held the door open for her.

Jaune said nothing, and just kept driving. Nora valiantly kept pestering the driver about his morning while valiantly ignoring how much the rain had caused her white top to cling to her skin, giving the entire car an eyeful, which Ren and Jaune both seemed to appreciate.

Ren was a master of hiding this sort of thing but when tits of that quality are on display right next to you it was kind of hard not to take a few peeks.

Nora smiled as she turned all of her attention to Ren, who Yang suspected the whole wet t-shirt spectacle was put on for. Normally Jaune was the less reticent of the two boys, so even though Nora enjoyed pestering Ren more there would be a few minutes of back and forth before she switched targets. Today getting Jaune to talk was getting blood from a stone, so she pivoted all the sooner. Ren listened politely while Nora chattered on about her dreams, while Ruby kept making small talk with Jaune, with the tall blond making the appropriate grunts at the appropriate times.

Yang was the odd one out, uncharacteristically quiet. She liked them all. Ruby was her sister and one of her favorite people since forever, so that helped, but Ren was a very relaxed and down to earth guy, and Nora was such a genuine and quirky ball of energy that she was just refreshing to be around. But the most popular Route 66 guides and books, like the EZ66 Guide, Adventure Handbook, and Guided Tour, can also be purchased in person at various Route 66 museums and gift shops along the route - if you are starting in Chicago, for example, you should be able to pick up guides in either Joliet or Pontiac.

In terms of physical maps, yes, I would definitely recommend bringing along a recent USA atlas or good individual state maps. I love this information! Glad you are enjoying our Route 66 itinerary. Yes, you are correct, thanks for pointing out that error regarding Lucca Grill in Bloomington, Illinois.

For some reason, we had the correct street address but the wrong city, thanks for catching that typo! It has been corrected. Yes, a good place to start would be to start close to open and just do the California section of Route It would be a great trip for a 3 day weekend, and if you are near Santa Monica, it would be really easy for you!

Now I just have to reverse the driving directions - I live in Southern California so will start from there. Yes, you can easily reverse the directions to start in LA rather than Chicago. It makes it a bit more cumbersome but pretty easy to reverse. It definitely helps to live near one of the ending points. Glad you are enjoying our suggested 2 week Route 66 itinerary. It is not available to purchase as a book, but you can print it if you wish. As a newsletter subscriber, you can print it formatted and without the photos, ads, etc.

There are so many details here. Your blog is provided a lot of info we need. Thank you so much for sharing. Glad it was helpful, and just let us know if you have any questions as you plan your Route 66 trip! Hi, What an awesome resource to organize Route And I see you guys answer everyones questions with lots of tips. That is great. My wife and I are doing Route We are actually leaving in a few days. We are doing Chicago - LA then we are heading north to SF driving PCH1 We have a couple of handicaps that made our original plan to get a little screwed.

The main one is that we wanted to do a couple of nights in Great Canyon but right now they are only opening on the weekends so we have to do the first half of the Route a little more rushing that we would like to.

We are leaving from Chicago on a Thursday so we are planning on doing a couple of long days on the road in order to make it to GC on Friday or Saturday at the latest. Witch part between Chicago and GC would you suggest to skip or no to pay that much attention? Since GC is only opening the South Rim, do you suggest anything on that? One last question, Albuquerque, Santa Fe or both? Since we are in that rush what do you think? Here is our itinerary I admit all kind of tips or suggestions and everything can be modify.

Th: Chicago - Springfield IL. In general, because you need to do it a bit more rushed, you are probably going to have to spend more time on Interstate and will have less time for stops and visiting attractions.

One way to make the most of your time is to just plan ahead and prioritize the places you REALLY want to visit and make sure you have time to stop and see them. This is especially important for museums, parks, and other attractions which have specific visitor hours. There is never enough time to see everything no matter how much time you have, so it is always a bit of give and take. The day driving from Tulsa to Amarillo also involves a long distance and a lot of driving - I would consider stopping earlier than Amarillo such as between Elk City, OK and Shamrock, TX as you have a relatively short drive the following day from Amarillo to Tucumcari.

I think either Albuquerque or Santa Fe would be worth staying a bit longer as both have plenty to keep you occupied for a day or 2. I love both cities, but they are very different, so hard to compare. I have a preference for Albuquerque used to live there but Santa Fe is definitely the tourist favorite. The South Rim is the easiest to access from Route 66 and is where most people visit. I am not sure how busy it is now, but normally you need to book weeks in advance to get lodging within the park.

None of its restaurants, visitor centers, museums, shuttles, lodging, ranger walks, gift shops etc. are open. But you can do the main things as most of the South Rim viewpoints are open and you can do short day hikes. If this is likely your only chance to go to the Grand Canyon, then it is worth going up and visiting for a day to take in the views of the canyon. Of course, because of COVID, some hotels, restaurants, parks, and attractions are going to be closed along the route.

This gives us some time to reflect and maybe make some changes to our plans. For example, the Route 66 allignments from Springfield, IL to Staunton, IL. We can either take the older allignment through Auburn and Gillespie or take the newer allignment through Glenarm and Litchfield.

At first, we decided to take HWY 4 east from Auburn to I and then travel down I to Litchfield. However, the EZ66 guide recommends going further down on HWY 4 to Gillespie, and then travel east on HWY 16 to Litchfield.

What would you guys recommend? Thank you! Glad you are still able to do it next year, even if you had to put off plans for this summer. Route 66 certainly will still be there for you next year ??. If you like old road sections, the earlier alignment via Chatham and Carlinville might be a good one to choose as it has older parts of the road, a brick section of road, and an old bridge.

There are also more small villages along the route. But personally I prefer the post alignment via Farmersvile and Litchfield if the Litchfield museum and visitor center is open as we personally love to stop at and support all those kind of places along the route. Yes, Jerry EZ66 Guide writer gives you the directions for both routes separately and continues both down to Staunton as they originally ran.

But you could leave Route 66 and cut across at Highway 16 if you wanted to mix the two and see Litchfield. So that might be a good compromise if you decide to take the older route but want to also visit Litchfield. I drove route 66 in I headed West from Michigan to seek adventure and a job in California. I found that job quickly and soon found myself sailing on a coastal tanker for UNION OIL CO.

of California sailing, up and down the California coast and all the way to Alaska. It was a real mid century adventure for an 18 year old. I also had a near death experience on the highway at 2am in New Mexico. I took a few short 8mm movies, mostly of the highway, not the landmarks. Lots of nostalgia. I bet a lot of people took movies. It would be nice to gather them for piecing together a video trip in the early daysRoger H. of St. Clair, Michigan.

Glad you had such a great adventure along Route 66 in Working for an old tanker must have also been quite exciting, especially at that age. Yes, of course, back then it was just a highway and it would not really become famous from the songs and TV show until later.

Glad you were able to take some short home movies back then of your trip. If you are looking for others that may have films, I would recommend getting into contact with the national and state Route 66 organizations as they may be able to point you in a direction.

I know some already sell videos of footage from the route as well the museums often have film archivesso that may be of interest as well. You can find a list of the main organizations towards the bottom of our Route 66 guide here. I am preparing for a car driving trip on The Lincoln Hwy Route 30 to Joilet, Il and then on to Route Sounds like a great trip and the two are easy to connect.

Obviously, most businesses are closed right now along Route 66, but hopefully things will open up more this summer. Let us know if you have any questions as you plan your trip. I just discovered your blog and started reading. The article on traveling US Route 66 caught my eye as I grew up in Oklahoma and have traveled that highway many times, during my youth, before the interstate highways were complete.

Your article is impressive. Near Miami, Oklahoma there is a small stretch of the original route 66 that is single lane. During the days of the original construction, the federal government provided funding to local governments to build the highway and those funds were disbursed based on a rate per mile of highway. The highway was intended to be 16 feet wide but apparently, the local government decided they could build an 8 ft highway to stretch the federal funding.

I thought was interesting. When you travel down that single lane stretch of the original highway, one can wonder why. Concerning the Rock Cafe in Stroud, Oklahoma, we used to stop there occasionally when I was a boy. Route 66 was a two lane highway and you simply pulled off to the side of the road to eat at the Rock Cafe. The cafe owner told us that during construction of route 66, the highway crews had to clear a path and that involved removing a LOT of rock from the soil.

The cafe was reportedly build from rock that was cleared to build route 66 through Stroud. By the way, there was a fire several years back at the Rock Cafe so they rebuilt, expanded, and ated the original structure. Definitely worth a stop and be sure to read the graffiti left by travelers from all over the world. So glad to hear that you are enjoying our travel blog! Thanks for adding the local tidbits about a couple of the potential stops along Route 66 in Oklahoma. We will definitely have to pay another visit to the Rock Cafe whenever we drive Route 66 next and make sure to pay more attention to the rocks and the traveler graffiti ??.

We are looking to do a Route 66 trip this summer starting at Chicago. Sadly we only have one week to do the traveling, do you have a modified itinerary? Thank you!! Yes, we would not recommend doing this route in only 1 week as it will be quite rushed. Although we do also have a modified suggested 1 week itinerary but it requires about 8 days. It starts in Chicago and ends in Santa Monica. But what a lot of people do who are interested in experiencing all that Route 66 has to offer is to just drive a section at a time.

So you could drive to Day 7 or 8 of the itinerary and then save the rest for another trip. Or if you wanted to go at a bit faster pace, you could continue onto see part of Arizona and fly out from Flagstaff, Phoenix, or Las Vegas. Then once you know where you need to go, you can adjust the itinerary to fit. Hope that helps, and feel free to let us know if you have any further questions as you plan your summer Route 66 road trip. Hi Jessica and Laurence What do you think of detouring to Memphis and Graceland, big Elvis fan and seems a waste to drive past, as might not get another chance.

Thinking of leaving at St. Louis and maybe joining at Oklahoma City or wife would like to see Tulsa, what do you think, is there anywhere else to see on way? Where going from Liverpool Uk, with the wife and two kids 20 and 11 18 days from Chicago to LA then on to San Francisco to fly home. Your input would be much appreciated. Thanks Ian. I think if you are an Elvis fan and really want to see Graceland you should definitely make the detour - as you say you may never get a chance to do it again.

My dad is a huge fan as well and collects his records and enjoyed his visit there. They offer a number of tour options and you can purchase your tickets in advance online if you want. It can be really busy, especially in summer and weekends, and least busy times according to the Graceland folks are first thing in the morning and in the afternoon after pm. Yes, I think departing after visiting St.

Louis, taking I south, and then rejoining via I at Tulsa or Oklahoma City is probably the fastest route. It is about 4. Louis to Graceland and then about 6 hours from Graceland to Tulsa or 7 hours to OKC.

But if you are looking for a more scenic route off the highway, you could also depart from several places betweeen St.

Louis and Springfield, MO and head through the Ozark National Forest. There are a number of Arkansas scenic byways e. Scenic Highway 7 or Ozarks Highlands Scenic Byway and scenic stops you could make.

If you decide to detour from Route 66 to Memphis and Graceland, Ozark National Forest, Branson, MO, and Little Rock, Arkansas are a few other places you could explore in this area depending on the route you take.

But there are lots of other smaller places as well of course. For example, if you are a Johnny Cash fan, you can stop off at his childhood home in Dyess, AR which is just a bit north of Memphis. For the drive from LA to San Francisco, our Pacific Coast Highway planning guide may also be useful.

But it sounds like you may not have a lot of time for the California coast on this trip? I like your Pacific Coast guide, so it will give me more time to drive and enjoy that road.

Really. was local casual sex near arcadia agree

Do you recommend getting the EZ66 guide or use satnav. but satnav does not keep you on the Route. Any suggestions on how to stay on the Route? Thanks for everything you have done. Regards Ian. Glad you have decided on your route and what you want to do on this trip.

Yes, if you are able to return, then it might be better to do those other places on another vacation. We had a USA Atlas has maps of each statethe EZ 66 Guide, and a GPS. We used the EZ66 guide mainly to navigate and the maps were useful in planning and checking ahead to where we were going and planning detours. We usually just had the GPS on without being directed anywhere and then used it to navigate specifically to places like restaurants, hotels, and places off the route.

Or to get us back to the route when we got lost. Our planning guide goes into all the options more thoroughly and tips for staying on Route Thank you so much for all your hard work in compiling this itinerary! I have a question though, either for yourselves or anyone else who has a viewhas anyone and would anyone recommend taking a detour say from Albuquerque to Monument Valley? Maybe rejoining Route 66 at Winslow or Flagstaff? But it would make more sense to detour from Route 66 at Gallup, NM most efficient route rather than Albuquerque.

Expect the drive from Gallup to Monument Valley to take around 3. The Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park its official name is one of several parks in that region, so if you are going up there you may want to visit another one as well. It will take you hours to rejoin Route 66 at Flagstaff from Monument Valley. Hope that helps, and wishing you a wonderful trip! Just let us know if you have further questions. Hi guys! Great itinerary and an awesome guide, very detailed!

I want to do Route 66 in 4 weeks instead of 2 weeks. What would the itinerary look like for 4 weeks? Not having one night stays at every place is always nice! If you enjoy cities, some places you might want to consider extra overnight stops at are St. Louis, Oklahoma City, and Santa Fe as these are not included as overnight stops on our 2 week itinerary. And of course, it can also give you more time to explore Chicago and Los Angeles. There are days worth of stuff you can do in both cities.

Hi Jessica! Thank you for your advice! Would you mind checking the itinerary to see if my planning is on the right path? Thank you in advance! Best, Lawrence - Itinerary - Route 66 July 15th to August 23rd, Louis, MO. Day 9 : St. Louis, MO to Cuba, MO Wagon Wheel Motel, 1 night Day 10 : Cuba, MO to Springfield, MO Route 66 Best Western Rail Haven, 1 night Day 11 : Springfield, MO to Carthage, MO Boots Court Motel, 1 night Day 12 : Carthage, MO tot Tulsa, OK Ramada by Wyndham, 1 night Day 13 : Tulsa, OK to Oklahoma City, OK Baymont by Wyndham Airport, 2 nights Day 14 : Exploring Oklahoma City, OK.

Day 32 : Las Vegas, NV to Bryce Canyon City, UT via Zion Park Quality Inn Western Resort, 1 night Day 33 : Bryce Canyon City, UT to Jean, NV via Bryce Canyon Park Ramada by Wyndham, 1 night Day 34 : Jean, NV to Barstow, CA Route 66 Motel, 1 night Day 35 : Barstow, CA to Santa Monica, CA Airbnb Los Angeles Mid-City, 4 nights.

Some of those motels, as you probably know, are historic ones we really love to recommend e. so glad you are planning to stay at some of those.

Actually the Flamingo is one of the more historic hotels in Las Vegas and also a good budget one on the Strip. We stayed there recently actually, basic but a great location. One thing I would just take a look at is where you are planning to leave Route 66 and head north to Las Vegas.

So I am guessing you are planning to head to Needles and then head north up I? Scenic and a great place for hiking. You have probably already seen this in the itinerary but just wanted to point it out. The other comment is that you are going at the hottest time of the year, so just be very prepared for the hot weather, sun, and dehydration, especially when visiting any parks or spending time hiking in desert climates along the western part of the route.

If you are not used to desert temperatures, it can be a bit hard to adjust especially if you are planning to do any hiking or outdoor activities. Some of the parks will occasionally close hiking paths if temps get too high as it can become too unsafe to hike so just be sure to heed warnings.

Wishing you a wonderful trip and just let us know if you have any further questions as you plan your Route 66 trip! This is the most useful thing I have found so far for a planned, well in initial planing stages, trip along Route Really excellent.

One thing at this early stage - the route is said to be around 2, miles, but my distance planner says the total from Chicago to LA along the same route is around 3, miles. All the best from the UK. So glad that our Route 66 itinerary has been helping in planning your trip. Yes, the route is about 2, miles in length following the route as outlined in our itinerary. If you just followed from Chicago to LA it is about 2, miles, but you, of course, add a few hundred miles if you try to get off the interstate and follow the original route when possible.

So yes, your distance planner is way off! I wonder if chance you are looking at the driving route in kilometers instead of miles?

That might explain such a huge difference as the Route 66 route is about 3, km. Thanks for taking the time to let us know our articles have been helpful, and just let us know if you have any questions as you get further along in your planning! We are coming from Pennsylvaniaso really going cross country. We are going to make our way into Chicago and then follow the mother road to the Grand Canyon, stay for a few days and then continue on to the end of the route.

Think we might even try to sneak a day at Disneyland in for the kids sshh, that is going to be a secret. Anyway, you blog is amazing and the route guide is just what we were looking for. It is a very ambitious trip we are taking with our new camper.

Especially since we also have to drive back home. Thanks again for this fantastic resource. That sounds like an exciting classic American road trip with Route 66, the Grand Canyon, and Disneyland ?? Pennsylvania makes it fairly easy to get to the starting point in Chicago. With the new camper, if you are nervous about driving in Chicago, you can also consider skipping the big city and suburbs and start in a town like Joliet or Pontiac.

I think Joliet is the first town where you start getting the Route 66 vibe as there is a Welcome Center there. So glad you are finding our articles helpful and just let us know if you have any questions as your planning gets further along. Hey guys, A friend recommend your Route 66 itinerary and guides for planning our trip next Spring. Said it was the best resource out there and well after taking a look, I am in total agreement - thanks for making this amazing resource available for free!

So glad that your friend recommended our Route 66 itinerary ?? Our guide is a good place to get started in your trip planning, and then you can dig into the day-by-day itinerary. It just depends on how many days you have and how far you would be willing to detour from the most direct route. You have essentially 2 choices: head west through Michigan or take the slightly longer route by head southeast around the south of Lake Erie through NY, a bit of Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Indiana.

If you do the other route some places you might want to stop are Niagara Falls, the Finger Lakes area of NY, Allegheny National Forest, the covered bridges of Ashtabula County, Ohio I think there are 17 of them in the small county! This is just a few that I can think of, but obviously you have more choices along this route, but it will take you longer.

Hi Tabish, Thanks for taking the time to let us know you enjoyed our article. And good luck to you if you are planning your own Route 66 road trip! Best, Jessica. Bonjour de Quebec! Thanks so much for sharing this. Traveling solo, in my 60s so getting such interesting, accurate, detailed information on such a mind-blowing experience is awesome.

Already on my bucket list, now must pick a date. Bonjour Michele, Glad you found our Route 66 itinerary and hope you get a chance to travel it next year! Just let us know if you have any questions once you get your date set and starting planning your trip. We will be doing the last section of Route 66 this November. Flagstaff to Santa Monica. We have done most of the Route from Chicago to Flagstaff over the last couple years, a week or so at a time.

It was a Bucket List thing for us and we have had a blast and compiled so many memories and photos! I just wanted to comment on all the work you guys put into this Blog! very well done and very helpful! We saw many of your suggested sights and missed some of them. Also PALO DURO CANYON in Amarillo. Thanks again, enjoyed your research and insights so much. ROUTE 66 is such a nostalgic, fun, quirky step back in time and if you research before you go, it is like one giant Scavenger Hunt!

Sounds like you have been having a great time over the last couple of years exploring different section of Route I am glad that you are enjoying our Route 66 itinerary and finding it helpful. Yes, we really like Palo Duro Canyon as well, and it is listed as a recommended detour from Route 66 on our itinerary since it is 30 minutes off the route.

But it is certainly a worthwhile detour for anyone looking for a scenic place to hike! The Flagstaff to Santa Monica section is great - we actually drove parts of that section again a few months ago.

It is probably the section that people think of most when they imagine Route They have quarter jukeboxes at many of the booth tables that have loads of classic music. There are also some classic Route 66 motels in Santa Monica and a really nice historic hotel within walking distance of the pier and beach, although prices can be a bit of a shock here after so many good value lodging options elsewhere along the route.

You may be able to find some good deals in November though!

can suggest

Just let us know if you have any questions before you go in November. We try to keep it as ated as possible! Your site is proving very helpful in working out which of the various options they have provided will meet most of our expectations and highlighting some must see places.

We are missing out some sections including Amarillo and Oklahoma City regretfully so that we can include detours to The Grand Canyon and the Meteor Crater at Winslow.

Thank you. Yes, I think if you have more limited time, there will also be some things you will need to leave out. But perhaps you will be back again some day to visit the spots you miss on this trip. Wishing you a wonderful trip, no matter what package you choose! Loved how you explained things about your awesome road trip. I love your blog! Keep posting ??. Hi Samantha, Happy to hear it and hope you have a chance to drive Route 66 yourself ?? Best, Jessica.

Fort Scott is NOT on or near Route Route 66 cuts across Galena, KS and continues east into Missouri. You might want to fix that. I know because I live in Fort Scott. Yes, the Fort Scott Historic Site is about a 1 hour detour from Route 66 from Galena or Baxter Springs, and we have clarified this in the text so readers will be more aware if they want to visit the historic fort site. My wife and I are looking st doing this trip in the 3 weeksbut staying in LA for a few days after.

Do you have a printable version of this guide buyable. Would love to read this in full on my breaks at work and make notations and alike. Great work. What I have read is both amazing and exciting Regards Darren. However, we do get asked for this quite often so are looking into some solutions but unfortunately we will not likely have something available before your trip.

But we hope this will be helpful to you as you plan your Route 66 adventure and take your trip!! Just let us know if you have any questions. Dear Independent Travel Cats, last year when i started planning this trip I actually had signed up to run the half marathon in Chicagowhen we decided to make a road trip out of it! We will be forever grateful. Your Route 66 in 2 Weeks Guide is hands down one of the best I have found. My husband printed it out and it became our bible for our road trip.

MANY MANY THANKS! If you would like, we can send you the picture for your blog. thank you. NIcki and Klaus from Berlin Germany. So happy to hear that you had a wonderful Route 66 road trip and that our Route 66 itinerary was so helpful in planning and guiding your road trip. Did you have any favorite towns or attractions along the way? You can find our emails here. This was brilliant. Hubby and I are travelling to USA on 21st July. We are going to drive some of Route66 after leaving New York.

probably join it around Oklahoma and then off to Vegas for a few days.

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Head on to Salt lakes Utah for speed week n August then drive to San Francisco before coming back t9 Western Australia. I have purchased the EZ66 but this blog it just fantastic. gives me an idea and good notables. Will not be leaving OZ without this. Think it has jus5 become my new route planner Thank you xxxxxx Karen. Hi Karen, Sounds like a great trip and so glad that you are finding our Route 66 itinerary helpful for that part of your road trip!

Wishing you a great visit to the USA. Hi guysI have a question. Whilst travelling on Route 66. do you need cash or places take credit card? I assume hotels and diners will take credit card however gas stations? Hi Karen, Most places in the USA take credit cards, including along Route 66, however, I would always recommend having American cash on you when traveling along Route 66 or anywhere really. Some of the smaller diners, restaurants, and attractions are cash-only or only accept credit cards when paying for something over a certain amount e.

So I would recommend making sure you get gas during the day rather than waiting until late in the evening so that you can pay inside by credit card, debit card, or cash as many pumps may not accept your international card.

So best to fuel up during business hours. As a regular Route 66 traveller, my heart generally sinks at this sort of blog entry. Do I agree with it all? Of course not! Would I add or substract stuff? Of course, but that really is just personal preference.

Nice work! Hi Blue, Glad you liked our Route 66 article and found it helpful! We like to do a lot of research on things and places before writing about them, and agree that many online articles on Route 66 are not very accurate or helpful. Feel free to recommend our planning guide to itinerary to Route 66 newbies you meet along the route ?? Wishing you many more great Route 66 journeys.

Love you blog post, now to get my husband to agree to do it. What time of year is best considering we will be travelling from the UK and probably take 4 to 6 weeks in total. It gives more about best time of year, car hire, and other more logistical things in planning a trip. If do it before the U.

You need about 2 weeks for the Route 66 part of the trip, but you can of course take longer and I think 3 weeks would be ideal. Although more than 4 weeks might be a bit long ?? But it is easy to add in time in the larger cities e. Louis, LA and take side trip to spots nearby like Grand Canyon, Ozarks, Phoenix, Joshua Tree National Park, and Las Vegas.

Great artical and very informative. So I would definitely look into state laws for each of the 8 states as each state has different rules. There is a longer stretch of route in the California desert section without much options for gas or anything really but I think that is the only section and it is noted in our Route 66 itinerary.

Jessica and Laurence Great accurate guide! As a child, I fell in love with the route 66 television show to Fortunately 10 or more years ago, a group of 30 or so of us travelled the whole route in period-correct to Corvettes which were featured driven by the actors of old TV show.

Absolutely the best trip of my life and a dream come true. I first drove Route 66 in ! and have done it multiple times. Hi Paul, Thanks for taking the time to comment, and glad you enjoyed our Route 66 itinerary and guide. This is an incredible post! How have you both got enough time to document this and travel as much as you do? I have family here who are trying to persuade me to stay a little longer here, would you recommend it?

Keep up the amazing work Jessica and Laurence! Hi Ben, Yes, it took a couple of weeks to write this Route 66 itinerary after our trip. I think that lingering a little longer in any place along the route is always a good idea if you have the extra time ??. If you are following our itinerary closely, let us know if you noticed anything that is closed or newly opened on your journey as we always appreciate ates!

Wishing you a great Rte 66 road trip. This is amazing content, thank you. We are coming from New Zealand and looking forward to ticking off this bucket list trip.

We fly out of Chicago on the new direct flight to Auckland, NZ - 16 hrs. I would like to know about rental cars, in particular Mustangs - any suggestions please?

Regards, Nikki. Really good content. Thank you so much for sharing it. We will do the trip in May. Me and my husband. Hi Bella, That sounds great, hope you and your husband have a wonderful Route 66 road trip. Just let us know if you have any questions as you plan your trip. Five years ago we were driving through Missouri at night and saw this really neat gas station. Thank you for writing this article, we are planning a Route 66 trip now to revisit the gas station and see more!

Hi Codi, Glad you figured out the name of the station by finding our photo! Just let us know if you have any questions as you plan your Route 66 road trip. Has anyone worked out how much petrol you would use driving an RV? The Route 66 route if you generally follow our Route 66 itinerary with no significant detours is about 2, miles. For most of the route we estimate that the average speed would be between 45 and 50 MPH. So you can use that information to estimate a budget for petrol for your road trip.

This can vary greatly by model. Two good places to look up current gasoline prices are Gas Buddy can also be used to lowest the lowest priced gasoline during your trip and Numbeo provides average price per liter of gasoline in many cities. Your fuel costs are obviously going to be much higher with an RV than with a compact car, but you should be able to save enough on lodging and food to save money or at least have about the same costs.

Great article! It is really informative and do keep us posted with new ates. I truly loved reading all of your tips! Hi Tourist, Thanks, glad you enjoyed our Route 66 itinerary.

We should have more Route 66 articles out inso stay posted! We followed your Route 66 itinerary and had such a fantastic time with our family of 4. We hired a couple of local guides in a couple of the cities, got a couple of the recommended city passes in Chicago and LA, and did some walking tours which added to our experience.

We loved all your suggestions and found this so very helpful in planning our itinerary in advance and while on the road. Just wanted to say a big tahnk you from the Tanner Family! Hi Michael, Thanks so much for taking the time to write about your Route 66 road trip, and glad you found our Route 66 itinerary and guide helpful during your family vacation! Yes, doing local activities and connecting with guides is always a great way to get more out of a trip - we love doing walking tours in larger cities and passes can definitely help save money in cities where you are doing a lot of sightseeing and attractions!

These are some really great thoughts and info on Route 66 thank you very much for giving us such good information, its help people. I have been looking for your article for long time ago and finally found what I need here. I live in Chicago and appreciate your efforts! Hi Joe, Glad you found our article helpful on planning a Route 66 itinerary. Living in Chicago, you are definitely in the right spot to make this iconic drive! Jessica and Laurence, I am currently reading your article, but have a question.

Have you done this in November? If you have any advice for an altered route, I sure would appreciate it. Now, back to the article! Thanks so much, Sandy. The Grand Canyon is a great detour and in the post we give you the 2 cities in Arizona which are best to detour from Route 66 from Flagstaff or Williams and you can decide which best fits your itinerary.

You can do it by car or you can also take a train ride if you only want to go for the day. Depending on time and where you live in NC, you may want to head east from St.

Lots of great potential stops!

Route 66 is the ultimate American road trip and we've put together a comprehensive 2 week Route 66 itinerary to help drivers navigate this historic route. The detailed day-by-day Route 66 itinerary covers all the basic details (mileage, general route) and sightseeing highlights along the 2, mile route. We cover quirky Route 66 roadside attractions, historical buildings, vintage roadside Arcadia: The Golden Era ShamelessSelfInsert. the price this sex god charged his faithful, the gift from which there was no escape and no reprieve. It was sublime. but Yang had been one of the first and worst offenders. Even being near her was an exercise in intense self control- she made it

Hope this helps, and wishing you a great Route 66 trip - do let me know if you have any questions about the route as you plan your trip! Hi Jessica, We did it! We took two weeks and drove a modified route. After landing in LA, we had to pick up a car from Long Beach, so that is where the fun began. We stayed on the Queen Mary and then the next day set out to join the official route to St.

Louis and then back home to NC. We had a great time. You are right that November was not the best time, but we made the most of it. Lots of things were closed but it was advantageous at the Grand Canyon with no crowd at all.

I had bought several books which, in my opinion, were mostly outdated. It was very difficult to follow the route in some places, so we did spend some time on the interstate. I would recommend the Santa Fe loop, we enjoyed that city very much. Thanks for all the tips! So glad to hear that you had such a nice trip on Route 66 and that our tips and Route 66 itinerary was helpful!

Glad you enjoyed the Grand Canyon and the Santa Fe loop. Too bad you could not meet Jerry due to weather. Also glad you got to stay on the Queen Mary - Laurence and I got married on the Queen Mary 2. Thanks so much for sharing about your road trip with us and wishing you a happy ! Route 66 has it all - the sea, Forest, Mountains and great view. Hi Katrin, Well, hopefully you have another chance to drive Route 66 and can use the itinerary next time!!

Your Route 66 article is very impressive for me and maybe for everyone, so detailed and helpful! This gave so many good ideas for a road trip.

I have never thought about doing something like this even though I live in Chicago! Hi William, Thanks very much for the kinds words and glad it has been helpful in inspiring you to do a road trip along Route 66! Since you live in Chicago, things are much easier for you as you can get started on the route right away without any extra flights or long drives ?? If you have any questions as you plan your trip, just ask!

My wife and I will be driving from Chicago to Van Buren, AR, and the first 5 days of your itinerary line up perfectly with our trip! We have a goal to get out and do some exercise each day before enjoying all the good food options. For instance just along the first few days of the itinerary are a number of possibilities: Chicago Portage National Historical Site, Joliet Iron Works Historic Site in Joliet, IL, the Historic Route 66 1.

The Ozarks, not too far from Route 66 and on your way, are definitely a great place for scenic hiking opportunities. Although if heading to Arkansas, you probably already know that as they stretch into several states, including AR ??. You Route 66 itinerary guide with your suggestions, places to stay and where one could dine was very helpful during my Route 66 trip that I just completed.

Thank you for taking the time to put all this together and adding it to your website. How was your trip along Route 66, any highlights or things that really stood out? Tucumcari and Williams stood out for me. Really makes you feel you have stepped back in time with all the Neon signs and shops like it was back in the days gone by.

Thanks for having this as a detour suggestion. We are actually heading back in about a month and will be driving the Amarillo to Albuquerque stretch so will be returning to Tucumcari - we are excited because we are staying at the Blue Swallow for the first time always sold out in prior attempts ?? We were impressed by Williams and the Petrified Forest National Park as well - the park is definitely an underrated park in our opinion as there were relatively few people when we were there even in summer.

Thank you for taking the time to do this. This must have been a labor of love because it had to be a lot of work. I want to let you know how much I appreciate all the restaurant options. These sound like real American diners. Gotta talk hubby into doing this. Hi Barbara, Thanks for taking the time to comment. Yes, it took me about 2 weeks to write this article after a lot of time going back over our trip notes, photos, maps, and books ?? I am very glad that you found it helpful and I hope you are able to convince your husband to at least do a part of this route.

You can definitely find some authentic old-time diners along the route as well as newer ones that look vintage and we try to highlight them in our Dining and Lodging section.

If you do decide to do it and need any recs, just give us a shout!

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Hi Jim, Glad to hear that you are planning a Route 66 road trip, just let us know if you have any questions as you plan your trip. LOVE your blog!! Hi Kirstien, So happy you are enjoying our Route 66 itinerary. I love paper and writing in the margins too so I understand! Unfortunately there is no easy way to print it, and if you do, it is about pages long!

We have thought about creating a downloadable ebook so that might be something we spend some time on in the future. You can then add any notes from this article that you wish to add into those books. If you enjoy photography we also have a Route 66 photo essay series. Feel free to reach out if you have more questions as you plan your trip, wishing you and your boyfriend a wonderful Route 66 road trip!

What a wonderful American Road-trip this is actuallyi just heard about Route 66 but i just now know a lot of information about this road trip. This blog is so informative and very detailed nice blog, keep posting! Hi Jacqueline, So glad that this post introduced you to Route 66 and yes it is really the ultimate American road trip!

Feel free to follow-up if you decide to drive Rte 66 and we are happy to help you if you plan a Route 66 road trip! Hi, Your Route 66 diary is amazing and very helpful.

We have just booked our flights for our honeymoon next May and we intend to start at Chigago and complete the route. Many thanks Lynsey. Sure, happy to help and just let us know as you have questions as you plan your Route 66 road trip honeymoon! When we did the full route we actually did a round-trip road trip to and from California where I was living at the time and we had a JUCY campervan offices only in CA and NV.

So that would not work for you. There are a lot of major rental car companies in the United States that have offices in both Chicago and LA and allow 1-way rentals: Thrifty, Hertz, Alamo, Avis, Dollar, and Enterprise. We have found that Enterprise often has the best rates for one way rentals, especially since they have more offices outside of airports airport rentals are often a bit more expensive.

Enterprise will also drop you off or pick you up which we often find helpful. But we just booked a U. car rental through Hertz last week as it was the least expensive for a one-way rental for an upcoming trip to the Southwest so it really depends. We often start with a comparison on Priceline for rental cars to start.

Now, if you book on Priceline, it may not include the 1-way fee but the company will then send in the total amount with the one-way fee added and you can choose to accept or cancel the booking from there. This will at least give you a good sense of prices for your dates and which companies to check out further.

Yes, driving in LA is not recommended as the roads can be really congested and it will save you money in rental fees to drop it off early. Depending on where you want to go in LA, you can get around the city easily by some combination of public bus, taxi, sightseeing bus, walking, and metro. Hi Lynsey, Sure, just reach out as you have questions in planning your Route 66 trip! Of course we were in Iceland during a large part of it Iceland is getting the opposite, having the worst summer weather in years!

Would like to know besides RV any motorcycle group tours you can recommend. For motorcycle tours organized within the United States I would check out Eagle Rider and Ride Free. Both offer motorcycle rentals as well as private guided and group motorcycle tours. You might also want to check to see if there are motorcycle clubs in your own country that help organize international visits for groups of like-minded bikers.

We have met many Europeans on Route 66 that are traveling as an organized group from their home country e. If you decide to plan a Route 66 trip on your own and rent a bike, you might want to check out this book. Wow - this post is chock full of information. So glad to see this, as I just heard that Route 66 was placed on a list of historic places in the USA that are at risk of disappearing.

There is so much wonderful Americana along this route, and I hope people will read this post and go visit. We need to keep our local vendors and sites alive. Hi Seana, Yes, it is true that Route 66, or at least parts of it, are definitely considered to be at risk. State and national agencies including the National Parks Service have been providing funding to help protect the historic road but only time will tell if it continues to be a preserved.

You are very right in that travelers need to support the local vendors. Part of keeping the route alive will depend on whether travelers keep choosing to support the local small businesses staying at the historic motels, eating at the diners, visiting the paid attractions, donating to free sites, purchasing local crafts and souvenirs.

does plan?

Many Route 66 businesses operate on a very thin margin. We love driving Route 66 and are actually heading back to drive a section with some family in the autumn while in the U. and looking forward to re-visiting some of the sites. We love the history, quirky attractions, and small town businesses along this drive ??.

Do you have any information on renting camper vans? Hi Barry, So glad you are finding our Route 66 itinerary helpful. That sounds like an amazing road trip from NYC via Ohio to California. We used a company that is only located on the West Coast as we started and ended in California. Hope you find our information helpful as you plan your road trip, and just let us know if you have any questions as you get further along with your plans.

Les saludo desde Costa Rica, Centro America, la verdad se muy poco ingles asi que les escribo en espanol ?? Me encanto este itinerario, la verdad es que es muy completo, detallado, bien explicado y muy facil de entender. Uno de mis grandes suenos es poder viajar a los Estados Unidos y recorrer la Ruta 66, eh revisado muchos sitios webs buscando informacion sobre este viaje y ninguno estaba tan bien como el de ustedes.

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