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Take it someplace else as the police Posted Feb 6 Is this after exit 32? Hoping to swing in next week. The exit going northbound is after mile marker Park by the vending machines, get out and walk towards the back of building.

No action goes on here except car sex. Routinely make connections here and the It is on the right side. Most Recent Reviews Posted Jun 15 I never meet anybody in here. I have seen many guys cruising in the locker room daily.

There is a parking lot on the road between Goshen and Cummington. Map location is approximate for the "beach" area. Most Recent Reviews Posted Jul 26 Go there every other week.

I went a few weeks and going July 27 so today lol just packed up my things to enjoy a day out in the sun and maybe fun. The last posting was back in Has anyone gone since?

I will upload a photo of the correct parking area next week. There is also a paid "private" parking area, five dollars Travel in numbers and be sure you ford the river on the farther west side of the rock wall, as the other side is protected and private. Heed the n Posted Mar 3 I went there a few summers ago, however I find it very difficult to know where to cross over the river.

Most Recent Reviews Posted Nov 28 The gloryhole is closed, and the partitions between the stalls are steel. The gloryhole is open again. Most Recent Reviews Posted May 23 There are a lot of dark little corners for fun encounters. Not many people know about this goldmine, but it's prime dick that's worth the wait. Take the Jackson Road exit off Route 2 north.

Grant Road is about one mile further, on the left. I want a day time weekday sex partner. Is there a place to suck and fuck around there? Tell me when and where. State Police are checking it out regularly. They wait in the area and when they see cruising, they stop you. I was on a sales call nearby and decided to check out this place around noon. I drove up and down the road thinking the place was dead then I spotted a car drive around Not sure what the best time is.

The homes are gone but roads remain. Lots of private wooded spots you can drive or walk into.

There are a few regulars here. This could be a site of the week Most Recent Reviews Posted Jul 26 Been here a few times, and it could be a great place to get it on in the woods but no one is ever there. I stroked his cock and made him soak his suit full of cum. It was one of the best blowjobs I ever had bu Posted Jul 14 I was there all week and nothing except for the occasional family with kids.

This place is a no-go. Hang in your car or just walk a trail. There's younger and older cock in the afternoons and on weekends. At least one was nice enough to tongue the mess up. Most Recent Reviews Posted Jul 4 Nice spot in a nice town. Hot guys everywhere.

It's a good place to go for a pre-arranged walk too. Most Recent Reviews Posted Jul 28 Gloryhole is now covered up. I went to check it out yesterday in hopes of getting some relief just to find they bolted metal plates on the walls of all the stalls. Most Recent Reviews Posted Jan 24 I'm a twenty-two year old bi dude who's new to the whole cruising scene.

I heard about this place and figured I'd check it out. I drove through the parking lot a few times at various times I was able to have a good time. There tend to be more guys around in the evening and not so mu Most Recent Reviews Posted May 29 I've never seen anyone cruising here.

Most Recent Reviews Posted Jun 20 Hot place for cruising with plenty of woods to get lost in! It is a good spot to meet somone. You have to time it just right to run into another cruiser, but this place has a lot of potential. Most Recent Reviews Posted Jun 23 Not sure if this is fenced in now?

Meet and move to the wooded areas, this place is patrolled. A "truckers haven" for sure! Met one and went to his home about a mile away up on a mountain. This place is ho Hit the trails, do not stay in the parking area. It's safe on the trails. I did a trucker who is a great top and bottom. He said he lives close by and has It's a great spot if it's kept discrete.

Ditto on 'in the woods". This place is hit or miss. I locked down some times to meet, and found it better than waiting all day. Great spot! Fall River. Take a right, then your first left which will be Henry Street. Continue all the way down. Most Recent Reviews Posted Dec 21 Environmental Police go down this road all the time. I work close to this place and see cops there all the time.

Not good anymore. And Henry Street is marked 'No Parking Any Time' on one side and 'No Parking This Side' on the other side. I've been there three times and saw only one guy, who I wasn't attracted to. They are in the company of regular police in case they catch you doing something Posted Jul 10 There was a really hot dude here today with a fucking nice, big dick. He surprised me when he sucked my dick too. I thought he was straight. It's a nice place to go with a lot of action. Later in th Most Recent Reviews Posted Feb 22 Down at the end there is less traffic and a few roads blocked off.

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Park there or in warmer weather head down the trails behind the blocked road. Good hard cock stopping in on their way home. There is a trailhead on the right that goes out towards power lines. Head to the rocky hill on the left of the main trail, about a quarter mile from the road. Most Recent Reviews Posted Jul 5 The cruising area in the front of the park is ruined.

There are crews taking down hundreds of trees in this park and opening it up so there are fewer places to take cover. The best place to go for sex The trail head is opposite the fourth little parking lot. There are a lot of trolls and grampas here but there is an occasional hot guy. I hooked When I drove here this afternoon the Fitchburg police were emtpying the contents of a Ford Taurus parked in this lot.

The other cruisy area up the Posted Aug 13 This place is pretty good for daytime play only. The park closes at pm in the summer. There are two places to play. The first is up in the woods above the first parking lot on the right as you dr On a warm day there are usually quite a few guys. If you can duck the trolls you can usually find a hot guy, especially if you like black or Latin men. Park in the Most Recent Reviews Posted Aug 4 I have gone here and there is a very large wooded area next to the ballparks.

Cars in the parking lot next to the ballfields are asking to be busted by local cops, but if you park along the road and w Many students run or walk the track at the park in the evenings, and in warmer weather, you'll find students Most Recent Reviews Posted Jun 28 Went to school here for four years and tried this spot the whole time. It's a complete waste. Don't bother! Most Recent Reviews Posted Nov 8 The restroom is best around 3 pm and up till about 5 pm.

I have been there between 3 and 5 pm and met a few college hotties, plus I have class there. You'll never see any more than a handful of people there and it's so quiet you won't get away with anything.

It's very hot. I always go back to a hot guy's room for fun. The best time is between 3 and 5 pm. I have met up to six guys there for a great jac Most Recent Reviews Posted Jul 31 Been twice and nothing here.

It's not worth the time. Most Recent Reviews Posted Apr 3 I've been going to this place and yesterday was the first time I met someone. He was a young Latino in his early twenties. You have to be discreet though since the circulation desk is right in fro A nice place. Most Recent Reviews Posted Oct 22 I used to go there and very frequently found action. Blow jobs under the stalls. Very nice and private. It would be a great place for cruising on the very bottom floor of the library and in a corner people rarely go.

Most Recent Reviews Posted Sep 21 There's no action there. I'm a student there and I check the place out every day. There is nothing, nada, zip, zilch!

Nobody uses the locker room down by the gymnasium between 11 am and 1pm, so the best time is then. Most Recent Reviews Posted Mar 31 I have been there several nights for the past month, and have never seen any action. We take the last train to Framingham, out of Boston. Every night we always run into a few hot guys in their cars, or some others who are waiting for the last train.

We walk over to The best times are after the last trains around or 1 am. Guys meet by the end of the parking lot. The best times to cruise are after 10 pm.

Sexmeet up in lowell ma

You will always find guys biking around or in their cars down by the parking lot. The best time is late, after the last train around 11 pm or later. Most Recent Reviews Posted May 13 I live nearby and have never seen any action.

Some guys park next to the cemetery, in the back on Bethany Road, and just walk around. The best times are 11pm to 1am. It's v Take right off ramp to first right about a half mile after getting off ramp. Beaver Street is located across from the liquor store. Most Recent Reviews Posted Aug 4 I would be a great place to meet, however, I have been here several times and found nothing to suck.

No hookups but there was lots potential. You can run or walk down, or even park along the beach.

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You need to walk over to the beach and as you walk you will meet someone. There are runners and bikers only and no fatties or old creeps! There are a lot of hot young mountain bikers and many hot trail-running guys. There are a lot of trails and off-shoots for privacy. I have met some guys Most Recent Reviews Posted Apr 30 I have been jogging here recently. I haven't seen any action but it could be great - lots of trails and off-shoots.

A lot of gay and bi men come from Boston to go to a gay college party every Saturday.

They meet in Franklin around am and head over. Most Recent Reviews Posted Mar 11 I stop here regularly headed north and haven't seen a person yet. Still holding out hope. I wait for dark, naturally.

Like now, 8 pm when a man can blow me in privacy. Come by and watch me cum. Posting for hook-ups, meetin Love when I get out and guy in front of me drives around back of me for a good view. Always give them the best show I can.

Love when they creep up for the best view. They enjoyed it Guy watched me pee, so I got out again for him to watch me masturbate. He walked over as I stayed out masturbating and whipped his nice one out. Then while I looked a Most Recent Reviews Posted Sep 3 The City Hall has been closed for a while for renovations.

It was a dingy old place with one entrance and a stall with a peephole for viewing cock at the urinals. Now it There are two entrances to bathroom and both doors squeak, giving you enough warning that someone is Great Barrington.

Most Recent Reviews Posted Mar 22 I plan on being there soon.

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Fucked a barely legal guy from the local college. One way in to the trail, and easy off the highway. Most Recent Reviews Posted Jan 8 There are many trails guys walk along to have encounters. Sometimes it is kind of trolly. I was just there! I got blown and returned the favor. So far, six men have been picked up for lewd behavior. Heading west, the rest area is on the right. Most Recent Reviews Posted Aug 5 Always some action going on here! Met a hot guy who just got off work there, looking to blow.

Hot cock! Yes, it's got it's share of trolls, too, but it does get busy in the woods. Some older guys, yeah, but I had a hot threeway with some hot guys in their forties recently. Just make sure you have a 4-wheel drive though! Just drive into the unpaved area and walk up the hill. Bear right to stay on Route at Harvard Center; and, turn right onto Still River Depot Road at the Still River Post Office.

The parking area is at the end of Still River Depot Road, past the railroad tracks. Most Recent Reviews Posted Jan 14 There every day. I have not seen anyone. Just looking to suck and get sucked. It's a great spot. Haven't seen anything or anyone. Looking for a regular weekday guy. The parking lot was empty but the place has potential since there are two single restrooms at the end of the parking lot with doors Most Recent Reviews Posted Jan 19 Nothing happening recently but there are lots of cute guys.

Follow the signs to the college and park on the lake side in back of the college. Most Recent Reviews Posted Jan 14 This is not and was never recently a place to cruise. Take your kids there to feed the ducks. This place is zero for cruising. Posted Oct 17 Some college kids go there looking to get sucked off but caution! Sometimes there are undercover cop stings. The whole park is overrun with families with kids. This is no place to cruise.

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Most Recent Reviews Posted Jul 10 Anyone go here? I'm down. They always need draining and there are a lot of willing holes to fuck, too. I was down there and saw guys nude fucking and sucking one another.

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I had four cocks tonight and can't wait for tomorrow. A great place mornings, at noon and at night. Nobody bothers you. The best pace is closer to the stores an Most Recent Reviews Posted May 19 Still an OK spot to cruise and hook up. Walk the store a few times. Slip into the bathroom a time or two. Be discreet and low key and you'll find fun. I usually just jerk off with another guy a Partially to work, partially to suck some cock hopefully.

Took an initial look around, didn't see much, checked out the bathroom. I've gotten sucked off every time I've gone. Just go after 3 pm, look at the gay magaz I've seen that cop before. Posted Sep 29 Yea, all types of guys here looking to suck you off! Just stand at the stall for a while and they'll notice you. Go after 5 pm. Most Recent Reviews Posted Sep 21 I went to this restroom and there was a hot guy using the urinal on the far wall.

He was definitely looking for action because he stood at that urinal for at least fifteen minutes, looking around. Met a young snowmobile dude last night. Unzipped his gear and what all muscle just looking to play and go. Few of us worked him over! Check thi Later hours seemed better.

He said the next time he woul Within fifteen minutes of my arrival two state police cars arrived and looked as though they were checking license plates. Most Recent Reviews Posted Aug 1 Popped in, there were a few cars but no one was out and about.

I was feeling pretty slutty and looking to put my ball licking cocksucking talents to work. Maybe next time.

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I just got screamed at for walking around and talking to someone out of his sight. He threatened that we were going on the sex offender list. Posted Aug 27 I sucked a couple of cocks here. It's busy with other users and the State Police patrol it. Turn onto Mount Park Road and park anywhere on the bridge the one that crosses I or by the gate.

Most Recent Reviews Posted Aug 15 With the completion of the outdoor ampitheater, the local police shared with me they plan to post "No trespassing" signs and begin towing cars along the access road. Only concert-goers will b Posted May 24 This is an awesome area. Best times are between noon and 3 pm. If you are straight, bi, or just curious come play. Park on or before the bridge on the right and climb the trail and follow or lead som Cool site!

I'm a 21 year-old mostly straight dude who sometimes like to get my rocks off with another dude. Checked out this location and found joggers most All kinds of people go there yet it's very private and you're free to do what you want. Hang out by your car or take a walk around t Most Recent Reviews Posted Aug 11 Park and walk up the u-shaped hill and you'll find lots of trails up to I Hopkinton is a very small place though.

Anonymous action might be hard to accomplish.

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I actually walked upon a state trooper walking on the trails. No doubt he was looking to bust someone. And to think that I had a dick in my mouth not five minutes before. Posted Jul 13 YYes! This definitely is a place to meet guys of all ages. I have found the best days for a lot of action is on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays after 5 pm or so. Hot action!

I have had quite a few v I could just tell. I went back and sure enough it is. I go down by the lake and the toilet near the boat rentals but I have never seen any action.

Look for the small parking area. Most Recent Reviews Posted Jul 3 Heading here at lunchtime today, Thursday, and Friday, looking for some action. This is a great hassle free place to meet and do it. You will find lots of action from late morning till early afternoon.

All ages sizes and shapes. Cross the open field at the beach and follow path into woods. Mid afternoon dog walkers show up and it's less private. Hang out near the bench on top of the hill overlooking the path leading to the open field.

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Also, the path at the top of the I followed the path to the back end of the lake, met up with a runner from the Drive until you see the Ipswich sign and then take that left. Take Topsfield Road until you see the parking spots on the left. People have been parking I sucked off a hot dude and got a great golden shower that was very tasty. Only two or three regulars who drive through it every hour of the day looking for cock.

The cops are keeping an eye on Bradley, Willowdale and the other cruise spot on Winthrop Stree Most Recent Reviews Posted Jul 10 Was here end of June I was just walking the trails to the right of the parking lot with a friend, not cruising.

Good thing, too, because police came through on ATVs. Good thing is you can probab Posted Aug 17 Went there yesterday, and it was a real hot scene. Twinks, cubs, bears, and fems all hanging. Give them eye-contact and then follow them to the secluded areas for fun. Take lots of water and sunblock and stay out of si Be very careful.

There have been some pretty hot guys packin' a lot into their swimsuits. I've seen a lot of hardons being adjusted and rubbed. Just watch for the rangers and who k Go two and a half miles and there is plenty of room to park and walk into the woods.

You will see a bridge crossing the river. Most Recent Reviews Posted Jul 24 The footbridge is now 'officially' closed and you can no longer enter the park from Willowdale State Forest or by the side of the road parking pull off on Topsfield Road. There were undercove Posted Sep 12 I've been there several times at lunch time and there has been no action at all.

Lots of men cruising at lunch time and after work for cock sucking. Most Recent Reviews Posted Aug 12 Occasional hookups are possible here but you have to take it elsewhere. I've had some hot guys here. It's tough to see who you're cruising sometimes, but if you see someone you like tap y No cops.

Lots of married guys, group action, and cock after cock. My knees got so dirty! But now the cops are harassing why did they wait until w Most Recent Reviews Posted Mar 19 This place is a great spot to play. Lots of friendly opportunities. I've sucked three in a row recently.

Lucky to have survived, and the basher said he is looking for others to beat up. Stay away from this park- dangerous gay basher has been reported to police, and the The park is on your right. Most Recent Reviews Posted Jan 14 There was never a gloryhole here.

This is just a park with a small, mosquito infested swampy pond. There are tons of signs all over which promise the wrath of God if anyone is caught doing anything re Posted May 3 The gloryhole is covered again.

It's a popular speed trap for them.

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That and the asshole who sets up his hot dog stand here every day. There is no cruising of any kind any more. Stay away un I'm generally there on weekdays in the late afternoon. Most Recent Reviews Posted Mar 4 The hours have changed for this rest area. The restrooms are closed at 6 pm and the doors are locked. There is still some cruising that goes on in the parking lot, but not much. And there's no Went to the toilet at and there was a guy in the next stall.

After a few minutes when I left to wash my hands, a guy at the urinal kept looking back to see me in my running Metal doors with tight gaps. Don't bother. I was surprised cause it used to be fairly active out back by where I park my rig. I have met many guys here.

After dark is the best time. Most Recent Reviews Posted Aug 1 I have had some action in here but with so much dick lots of Latin especially in the locker room, you would think there would be many more gays looking for some action. We chatted for a little until he unleashed his huge thick Latino monster cock.

I left and we went to the steamroom where the vapor make The facilities are not so great. The equipment is old and broken and the atmosphere is filled with Most Recent Reviews Posted May 12 Yes, the handicap stall has major potential. I go there 4 or 5 times a week and once had a 3-way where they both face fucked me and dumped there loads down my throat. It was one of the best times I The handicapped stall is huge with full walls and door. I've never seen anyone there but it is very promising.

This is not a known cruisy spot but a good place to hookup with a guy if you have a prior arrangement. There is a completely separate handicap t The rest area down the road is a better chance of getting some. Most Recent Reviews Posted Jun 17 The trees have all grown back up again, so there is some new action going on again down there.

They have removed all the trees along the river that were blocking the view from Pawtucket Blvd. There's no place to hide anymore. Most Recent Reviews Posted Dec 8 Stopped here twice, saw a few men fishing and some joggers. Followed them, gave signals I wanted to suck them off but no takers and I am an in shape, good-looking Portuguese guy with a big uncut dick Find a parking space and take a walk.

Most Recent Reviews Posted Jun 20 Still good action here. Lunch time and afternoons are good. Can be mixed ages or older crowd, crowd varies. Tends to be age 30 and up.

Sucked off a bunch of guys, took one guy up the ass, had a little threesome action, and even more guys wanting some as I was winding down. The asshole cleaning guy patrols around and screams at everyone to find a booth and kicks people out if he catches more than one guy coming out of a booth. Saw what looked like a cop sitting in an unmarked car in the adjoining parking lot. I think they run license plate numbers. Cops are always in that area looking for Go up University Avenue past Cumnock Hall and take your first right at the stoplight.

Olsen Hall is the first and only large concrete building on the left. Most Recent Reviews Posted Oct 5 Went there last week, the hole is covered by a new paper roll. What a bummer.

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Too bad there's no one around. Must be happenning during the morning. The writing on the stalls isn't even hot - it's about politics and math equations! There are no security guards and the large spacious bathrooms on the fifth and sixth floors go mo Most Recent Reviews Posted Sep 1 I work at UMass Lowell and haven't seen any action in any of the places mentioned. The writing on the stalls isn't even hot - it's about politics and math equations!

Most Recent Reviews Posted Jan 17 Hot huge dicks! Surveillance is now down after last month's bust of a pushy troll deserved it.

will know, thank

We all know we need to be discreet and wait for some clues, not just jack it in front of a Turns out that someone was caught and was repo Posted Mar 13 This place rocks! Seems like everyone there is in on the action. I've been blown a few times by several young guys and I got to fuck twice and exploded my jizz inside of him.

They loved it! I saw a lot of nice looking dudes along with some twinks. Best time is early in the morning. If you want action, I was told to tap your feet or just grab Most Recent Reviews Posted Jun 7 Great place late at night. There are a lot of truckers. There is good opportunity to get some action.

The highway rest area attracts all sorts of people and many cute young guys. For some action, star I'm including a map screenshot with marked areas. Nahant Beach is on the same stretch but is usually dead at night and not very well lit, more discrete than the L First of all, that's all the way at the other end of the Lynnway at the Saugus bridge.

Second, there is a community watch keeping an eye out from the Starbuc It's amazing, it has so many trails and secluded areas to play and even has little sheds to play in and furniture to sit on. It was a little hard to find at fi I was at the beach one night around 11 and there was a naked girl riding her man in the front seat of a white SUV right across They will arrest you, too.

Most Recent Reviews Posted Jun 14 This is a place that is somewhat alright. I have seen a straight couple man and woman fucking on a picnic bench. Though that is kind of risky, there are plenty of spots off trails to go to.

I saw a You will see, ahead of you, a small parking lot on your left this is a reserve and another smaller one on your right with a sign for Agassiz Rock. Manchester police responded Posted Aug 26 This is a mosquito pit! Cruisy woods? Once in a great while. There are a fair amount of straights walking on the weekends. You can wait in your car or get down and walk a little into the woods, and soon you will find someone willing to play.

Most Recent Reviews Posted May 3 Just joined this place and it is nice, quiet, and very friendly. I see lots of potential and the sauna is nicely located for activity. There's always some big, young cock here. The dry sauna gets cruisy and the open showers allow for semi-private group jackoff. There's a very small changing area and sauna which can be good and bad.

Most Recent Reviews Posted Mar 26 I wonder if you may have the wrong map link. You have the Welcome Center which is in Mansfield north Attleboro but there is another rest area that looks much more conducive to the action described.

Best time is nights of course. Pull into spaces distant from the porta potties. Most action is near the building. Police do continue to look but mostly by car. Don't even bother, the only place to park is right beside ongoing traffic.

I saw a car parked up by the dumpsters so I pulled in beside him and we exchanged looks and he rubbed his crotch. Of course I jumped in hi I pull in parallel to the big road and park just opposite of the driveway return from the back lot.

Most Recent Reviews Posted Jun 4 Stopped at the mall public restroom about 3 pm one day a few weeks ago and sat in the middle stall. There seemed to be no one in the other two. I masturbated for a while and just when I was ready to l It was fun. Best to take the fun down the hall to JC Penney's first floor bathroom where there's much more p Be careful of the security cops.

A real nightmare.

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Look for a dirt road on the left after crossing the bridge. Drive five hundred feet and there's a small parking area on the right. Park and there is a path around the pond with several paths off of that. Most Recent Reviews Posted Jul 4 Yes, it has lots of potential, always has. But in recent years more joggers and dog walkers are taking the more remote trails where guys used to go for fun. Safer areas have more mosquitoes. Afternoons after 4 pm, especially on weekends would be best.

Go off on the right hand trail around the pond towards the back. Just look for dirt road on the left after crossing bridge. This place is only great for pre-arranged meetings. Whenever I go it seems to be all families with dogs. Most Recent Reviews Posted Aug 14 Drove by this stop late night a few weeks ago. I noticed two SUVs parked far from each other. One dude got out of his car and went into the dark bathroom.

University of Massachusetts Olsen Hall Lowell, Massachusetts Cruisy toilet on the sixth floor Directions: From Route (VFW Highway), turn onto University Avenue at the University of Masschusetts Lowell. Go up University Avenue past Cumnock Hall Free Massachusetts Chat Rooms. of course that pic is not of I am still fun, and hot!. Oh, and while I am bi, I do prefer women! i will not send photos to no one and if you want to talk nasty i will block you, i am here for clean talk. I enjoy camping with my boys, going to the beach, walks, or just watching a I'm loving and caring ? Feel free to chat me up. Need a Sexual partner. Hi! I'm Simranjeet and I want a sexual partners for my visit in delhi. Reach me at Relationships. I'm a good and kind girl I'm nice to chat with I dont make people sad

Mind you, the bathroom door says the bathroom But find the right friend, go in, and leave the door unlocked and if he joins you then you have a private area with a locked door.

I went in there to urinate. There was nothing going on but I did notice a police cruiser in the back. When I left, another had pulled in the front a Posted Sep 24 Merrimac and Haverhill: If a DOT guy catches you in the act he will call cops and press charges.

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Avoid these areas. He is a big guy and he don't play. He caught me as I was going down. Gave me a c Most Recent Reviews Posted Apr 13 There are double doors, and the first one squeaks so you know when someone is coming. Lunch time is best, from 12 to 2 pm. Then I got to fuck two guys in the big stall. Most Recent Reviews Posted Dec 25 Steamroom and sauna are great if you hit them right.

One question: why do all the Latinos wear their underwear in the steamroom and showers when everyone else is naked?

The staff regularly patrols the bathrooms and although they do not look into the steamroom, it's easy to see what's going on. Everything from bears to muscle jocks getting off now and again. Activity in the locker rooms hasn't dropped off though.

It's quite active and you can find it either in the mid-afternoon or later in the evenings. The steamroom al It's under new management and I'm told the cruising has fallen way off. Go right on Dilla Street and the park is about one mile down on the right.

Born And Raised In Lowell (A song about Lowell, MA)

Most Recent Reviews Posted Apr 22 Since they put the bike trail in going right through here I don't think much is going on. I go biking here but have yet to see any signs of anything going on down any of the dirt trails off the pa I'm glad I did. This guy gave me some good head. Nice way to start the day. I will definitely stop in on my next trip.

He kept looking at me so I lightly rubbed my crotch. Before long we had stepped behind some bushes and he gave me oral. He said he is there every Monday t Go down to the park, park, and walk up to the railroad tracks and take a right. Walk along the tracks about ten minutes and look for a small beach on the right.

Most Recent Reviews Posted Mar 5 This used to be a hot place. I went there all the time in the 80's. Got sucked and fucked in the woods for my first time. I've always wanted to go back but don't live nearby anymore and I There were a few folks around and they were very friendly.

There's not much action but you'll definitely get some here. It is a very beautiful spot, also. Sometimes there's some nice dick and some good cocksuckers. It's great for nude bathing too. Most Recent Reviews Posted Jun 22 Threesoms I was taking my break when I saw this couple in their early twenties from Framingham State College.

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